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hisTTory channel /// MTS fall off

one of my favorites from schmitt

the hisTTory channel /// mts

its rare that i come across an edit i dont remember, and/or havent seen/commented on. its easy to forget that people like mts have been doing this since the beginning... but whats real noteworthy is mikes approach, how he puts his whole self into the shit despite some brutal slams. he's currently off the bike as a result, but his die trying mentality should inspire some young guns to fuck shit up. this is a sick piece of fgfs history right here.

the hisTTory channel /// mts fall off

we all know what mike is capable of and how fearless the fucker is... this edit is definitely a "historical" standout and will hold its own for the rest of time. mike is off the bike with his knee injury so i wanted to put this in the mix to send him some healing energy or some shit. get well man, get back on your fucking bike.

the hisTTory channel

if you never seen this one /// dont miss it. OG mts in the mix. this shit was so sick when it dropped and mike was one of the first to push a dual 26 whip. such an epic edit to look back on.


mike always kills it, always has a killer setup, heres a look at his current whip. sick to see some skate shit in the mix too, who knew mike had it in him haha. looks like he's got some epic tech grinds dialed. one more reason to be psyched for the shredwell drop. seems like they doing a real good job of keep GRIME shit in the mix lately.

mike schmitt /// burro mudflaps ad

im a fan of BURRO, more so after my visit a couple weeks ago /// and mike always has a real interesting take on spots and shit (as seen with this gap double peg). sick fuckin photo too. click through and pick up a set of MUDFLAPS // support rider run operations.


an edit like this is an early fucking christmas present. this shit is so sick. i been hearing some stuff about BALHOGS for a little bit now and couldnt wait to see a flick from these guys. this shit will not disappoint. the squad is deep with your favorite riders // colin foster, sam hanson, chris clappe, torey thornton, and mike schmitt. so fucking psyched on this. sick to see mike reppin that TT shirt in the flick too, always amped to see those out there. edit of the fucking week, so much good creative shred in here/cant fucking wait to see where this goes. must see TTv///FUCKING KILLING IT.
cruise to their store and pick up a BH GRIPSTICKER/// all the profits go to getting their shit rolling and pushing some new products. support grass roots//keep your money in the real fgfs circles.


mike, ed, matt/// you already know theres going to be some fire in the mix. but alex blanco seems like he came out of nowhere with some fucking epic riding. so sick to see new names get in the mix and kill it. must see TTv for sure.


this is so sick/// mike posted it up on my facebook wall. probably one of the sickest "bike photos" ive seen. haha. too fucking good.

mike schmitt // b roll

mike goes hard as fuck. this edit proves it. theres some fucked up slams in here. he has that die trying mentality/// its so sick to see that kind of dedication. slams aside/// this is probably mikes best edit yet, epic styled piece here. i fucking hate to over use the tag today, but theres no doubt/// fucking killing it. via WRAHW

MIKE SCHMITT // mts fall off 2011

mike always goes hard as fuck /// this edit wont let you down. 1:53 is so sick. his style definitely isnt generic. lots of big grinds and creative spot use in here. ender is pretty fuckin nuts. must see TTv/// mike kills.


if you havent seen this shit yet, head over to GRIME now and check out mikes bike check. probably the sickest bike check photos to hit fixed bikes. his build looks fuckin legit too. way more photos over there, click through.


this G.O.A.T. edit just "resurfaced" on youtube. i totally missed it the first time around, if there was a first time around. either way, heres some G.O.A.T. shit from DEMONSNYC. lots of slams in here, some clips youve probably already seen, this posse goes hard in the paint.

bike check: krillz g.o.a.t.

its always sick to see peoples setups///more so when its someone "high profile". mike sent through this pic of krillz' G.O.A.T. build. its a step outside the norm with a more commuter type feel, but i can dig it. definitely sick color choices, and these frames pretty much look sick no matter how you chop em. head over to the GRIME BLOG and read some words on their prototyping///doesnt look like theyre in stock yet, but im psyched to see these hit the street.


caught this one via mike schmitt on facebook, some fucking epic street shit here. kinda long, and theres not much riding in the beginning of this, but definitely worth the watch. killer new york spots, tons of hood shit in here. epic entertainment.


caught this on SUBJECT PHAN via mikes facebook. these G.O.A.T. tee's look sick as fuck.


here's a first look at a new SADIO stem in the proto phase. mike sent this through, earlier this morning. shit looks super sick//i dig toploaders. mike and dew will be testing these out for the next couple months leading up to production if they approve. coming from SADIO you know its quality, and testing from MIKE and DEW means if they dont fuck it up//you wont either. thanks a shitload mike for keeping us in the loop//psyched to see these hit the streets.
here's what mike had to say;

"no one else has ever seen this. the new sadio MTS "rocky" stem i designed should be released after Dew & Myself test it out for a couple months. my prototype was just mailed to me. the production model will be real sick. new graphic and the color way is gonna be wild.
word up"

thanks to mike///you heard it here first

grime tv 3

mikes been killing the web edit game since way back///these grime tv flicks are always sick if you know whats good. 1:10 is some killer shit, epic to see some creative riding. everyone grime and this one doesnt disappoint. must see TTv.

the hisTTory channel: mike schmitt

this one goes back two years according to vimeo///shit was/is so sick. mike definitely blazed a trail for dual 26. back when i was doing bike of the month i put his dual 26 leader on blast. that shit blew me away, probably the most legit early dual 26 build that was out there.

bike check: grime bone mang

THE GRIME threw up a proper bike check of the new bone mang///head over there for more pics and full build specs. sounds legit. the rear triangle is claimed to be laterally stiffer than other frames on the market///hopefully eliminating that bent rear triangle bullshit everyone goes through. head over to the GRIME BLOG and check it out. whether you like the looks of the wishbone setup or not, this is a step in the right direction. bent rear triangles fucking suck.
bonus pic///this shits been everywhere, but its too sick.