FBZ in 2014

damn / fixie boyz 408 doing it real big / squad goin in PVN, jimmy watcha, daniel le, valentin racho, kameren boun, kent ly, anthony combs, chris garcia, luciano ortiz, btumber, and kenneth nguyen / in particular some hammers from valentin and racho / good shit

christian alivera /// some clips

clean style / getting some cool combos out at the park

chris garcia /// iminusd and liker it or not

rad edit / clean footplants

TTv TTop posTT /// super bowl sunday 2015

a sick one from TURF / one day out riding and catching clips / matt reyes, ramon antonio, mike t. schmitt, wonka, josh boothby, josh silva, adam t. wells, and spencer stiegrist / some cool clips in here all these duders slay / overall a great edit