STAY STRAPPED /// corey san agustin

last week we saw the intro to stay strapped, now we really get into it with corey san agustin's part / corey definitely earned first part and sets up stay strapped perfectly / corey is truly a talented rider / i love that he shreds pegless 700c / corey has got it down, from his wild tech shit to huge bangers / he's always pushing himself to new limits and we definitely see that in here / hard work for an amazing video part / taking his signature style to crazier combos and bigger set ups / so many sick moments in here / the duster clips and the ender were stand out for me / be sure to watch a few times so you don't miss anything


christian ustarroz and miguel zendejas getting down for suckmycog / tag em #ttvblog

sloppy downtown sesh

looks like a fun session / stuntin with the homies / nice work


pyrex vision /// brandon carlo scraps

another cool one from pyrex vision / some rad clips in here, getting down a variety of tricks

locked cog /// #wheeliewednesday

a few weeks late, but it is a wednesday / rad wheelie line from alex rodriguez / good to see some stuff from locked cog



really clean video / duder has a nice style, diggin the flatground lines / the production of this really made it for me, shot and edited really well / sequence starting at 2:17 was awesome / great work / check out more from mute garment & co /

kris le/nathan vann

getting in some nice flatground lines

off TTopic


TTv TTop posTT /// STAY STRAPPED DVD intro

it has been a year since stay strapped came out on dvd / definitely one of my favorites of all time / matt spencer is going to be releasing each section every sunday / stay tuned / if you don't already have your own copy, get one


damn this is sick / smooth and creative / keep em coming

monday fgfs

park shredding / ice to bar is too rad / putting in work

fakie line

this video makes me happy / i don't know if its the music , this duder's wild bike set up, or the miami beach backdrop but this fakie line is too cool


nice preview / looks like some cool stuff going on / stoked to see more

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape vol 8

another solid edition to the sesh tape series / some really cool stuff going on visually with this one / congo's feeble to oppo smith was killer /

sauve rush /// charlie suave x block bullies

i love the comradery of this one / coming across country borders to ride together / charlie suave and block bullies shredding / good stuff / block bullies just dropped some rad shirts, check em out here


hell or win rider colin putting some TURF pegs to work

mike k /// boxtown project

this is sick / mike k coming out central greece throwing down some nice tricks and lines / a good mix between tarck and modern style / keep it up


TTv TTop posTT /// turf jimmy watcha

wow / jimmy watcha coming in hot with this edit / i really enjoy watching jimmy watcha's footy / he's always trying new shit and stepping up his game / every clip in here is a heavy hitter, and no two clips are alike / maybe even a few NBD's / mike schmitt bringing in some trippy editing that brings it all together / good stuff coming in from TURF


TTrack TTuesday

nice edit / some tarck shred towards the end

monday sucks /// eat shiTT


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nelson bell /// b(erlin) side 2

nice video from nelson bell and his homie bjorn coming out of germany / lowkey park shred / nelson showing what he can do with 26 and pegs


fixie boyz 408 /// 2 days of spring break

sick one from the fixie boyz 408 / took a trip to sf and got some real rad footy / these duders are always holding it down /


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framerot duders gettin it / tag your videos #TTvblog to get posted

daniel mcdiarmid /// welcome to rideordye

daniel mcdiarmid welcome video for a new blog called ride or dye / they've got some good content going already / nice work from daniel / duder shreds, getting some good lines in here / last 3 clips were fire

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape vol 7

this might be my favorite sesh tape yet / rad stuff from matt spencer, congo, corey san agustin, and tyler park / corey's double tap was one of my favorite clips / check out the previous sesh tape videos