wolfdrawn /// sesh tape 5

wolfdrawn keeps it real with the sesh tape series / i've said it before but i love the old video camera footage / this one stays true to the "chills not skills" motto / some wild trickery from izik service / matt spencers bump to vertical cab out got me hyped /

TTrack TTuesday

awesome drone shots / some sick freestyle stuff from izik service as well

ratshit x 3bs krew

nice mix between track and freestyle / some wild visuals going on here / i really dig the intro

TTv TTop posTT /// andy sparks

a ton of great content coming out of the bay lately / this one's from andy sparks / i really appreciate his style / creating something new with old school style / super "fixie" / andy has so much bike control and comes up with some crazy variations


little bit of everything in this one

quick clip

One Day w/ adrian gomez and david todd

nice edit / each of these duders bringing in their own style
mellow park shred

#7 shinij forreigner

rad slowmo edit

monday sucks /// eat shiTT


nice park shred before the cant fool the youth 3 premier in japan / some funny antics in here as well

crunk 2015

great video / i dig these duders' style / smooth and fast / making everything look good / definitely one of my favorite edits to come out lately

TTv TTop posTT /// tadashi nakamura

tadashi nakamura flew out from japan to stay with the wheeltalk homies out in the bay / pretty impressive edit for only being filmed in two days / matt reyes did a great job filming and putting this one together

hellisodes /// MMXV WEB SERIES

hell or win coming in with a lengthy squad edit / featuring a mix of bmx and fixie with a good variety of styles, dirt, park and street / definitely some cool stuff in here / they've gotten a bunch new stuff in their webstore since i last checked so go scope it

off TTopic

reposTT /// sMc young guns

if you haven't seen sMc's full length video young guns you're fucking up / some of the sickest content to come out last year / they just released the video on DVD / 29 minutes of b-roll and stickers, this is well worth the purchase / add this to your collection, swoop it here

randy rush /// bike check

a lot of bike checks coming out recently / this ones from randy rush out in new york / the riding in here sick / randy getting some cool tricks at the skatepark / must be brutal to ride through the winter out there / keep em coming

TTv TTop posTT /// steven jensen

we all know steven jensen is a super talented rider / this video really shows his abilities / shredding on a state bicycle co / mixing some old school tarck tricks with a modern take on it / awesome work behind the camera by wolfdrawn


FGFS thailand /// PETCH

a rad one from petch / getting some cool stuff in here / feeble 180 bars especially on point / puttin in work



great video by TURF / second installment of their turf tuesday series / love the feel of this one / laid back riding and having fun with it / couple good lol moments in here too / mike schmitt's rail footplant was insane / good stuff / keep em comin!


damn / even the b-roll stuff jball drops is amazing / jballs got it down / smooth, technical, and downright wild / he knows how to keep it fresh, no two tricks in here are exactly alike / all the slams and almost makes show the work he puts in for clips that come out seemless / if you haven't seen it, or even if you have go watch his bombtrack edit one more time / jball keeps expanding his bag of tricks / so many clips in here caught me off guard / pegless double to 180 bar was my favorite / jball is king

off TTopic

bintang septian p / FGFS for heavenfall 2014

nice edit / i like all of the lines in here / shows consistency and that they realy know how to utilize a spot

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

CND ridas bike check


bike check

off TTopic


hanoi 2014

nice mix of flat ground, street, and trackstand tricks / son hargo with some cool track stand tricks at some wild spots / rad video from vietnam


winTTer shred

어느 멋진 날

dig this one / fast and smooth style / some cool BMX stuff too

skate shiTT

pyrex vision FGFS 2015

brandon carlo getting it in the streets and at the park / havent heard of pyrex vision before so i'm stoked to see whats to come


TTv TTop posTT /// TURF welcomes ramon antonio

damn / ramon stepped up his game and went in for TURF on this one / so many bangers in here / going big and tech / digging the out of rail tricks / especially the double peg hard 180 at the end

keita one day edit

solid riding for a one day edit / getting some cool wheelie 180 combos and backlashes
FROOTS crew coming in with a solid edit / dig how diverse this duder's riding is / some really sick spots in here /

bang bang

some rad creative jibbing from carl debeauclair


fgfs and bmx all day

high energy on this one / that first hang five was butters

red bull b roll 2014

a solid recap and b roll from last years ride n style / nice capturing from ramon antonio

YLG 2015 chinese new year edit

solid edit from FGCN featuring jiaqi, xinyu liang, and shen / some rad clips in here / goin hard on the mixie too / that bike looks super fun to ride /

off TTopic