STAY STRAPPED /// corey san agustin

last week we saw the intro to stay strapped, now we really get into it with corey san agustin's part / corey definitely earned first part and sets up stay strapped perfectly / corey is truly a talented rider / i love that he shreds pegless 700c / corey has got it down, from his wild tech shit to huge bangers / he's always pushing himself to new limits and we definitely see that in here / hard work for an amazing video part / taking his signature style to crazier combos and bigger set ups / so many sick moments in here / the duster clips and the ender were stand out for me / be sure to watch a few times so you don't miss anything


christian ustarroz and miguel zendejas getting down for suckmycog / tag em #ttvblog

sloppy downtown sesh

looks like a fun session / stuntin with the homies / nice work


pyrex vision /// brandon carlo scraps

another cool one from pyrex vision / some rad clips in here, getting down a variety of tricks

locked cog /// #wheeliewednesday

a few weeks late, but it is a wednesday / rad wheelie line from alex rodriguez / good to see some stuff from locked cog



really clean video / duder has a nice style, diggin the flatground lines / the production of this really made it for me, shot and edited really well / sequence starting at 2:17 was awesome / great work / check out more from mute garment & co /

kris le/nathan vann

getting in some nice flatground lines

TTv TTop posTT /// STAY STRAPPED DVD intro

it has been a year since stay strapped came out on dvd / definitely one of my favorites of all time / matt spencer is going to be releasing each section every sunday / stay tuned / if you don't already have your own copy, get one


damn this is sick / smooth and creative / keep em coming

monday fgfs

park shredding / ice to bar is too rad / putting in work

fakie line

this video makes me happy / i don't know if its the music , this duder's wild bike set up, or the miami beach backdrop but this fakie line is too cool


nice preview / looks like some cool stuff going on / stoked to see more

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape vol 8

another solid edition to the sesh tape series / some really cool stuff going on visually with this one / congo's feeble to oppo smith was killer /

sauve rush /// charlie suave x block bullies

i love the comradery of this one / coming across country borders to ride together / charlie suave and block bullies shredding / good stuff / block bullies just dropped some rad shirts, check em out here


hell or win rider colin putting some TURF pegs to work

mike k /// boxtown project

this is sick / mike k coming out central greece throwing down some nice tricks and lines / a good mix between tarck and modern style / keep it up


TTv TTop posTT /// turf jimmy watcha

wow / jimmy watcha coming in hot with this edit / i really enjoy watching jimmy watcha's footy / he's always trying new shit and stepping up his game / every clip in here is a heavy hitter, and no two clips are alike / maybe even a few NBD's / mike schmitt bringing in some trippy editing that brings it all together / good stuff coming in from TURF


TTrack TTuesday

nice edit / some tarck shred towards the end


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TTag em #ttvblog

nelson bell /// b(erlin) side 2

nice video from nelson bell and his homie bjorn coming out of germany / lowkey park shred / nelson showing what he can do with 26 and pegs


fixie boyz 408 /// 2 days of spring break

sick one from the fixie boyz 408 / took a trip to sf and got some real rad footy / these duders are always holding it down /


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framerot duders gettin it / tag your videos #TTvblog to get posted

daniel mcdiarmid /// welcome to rideordye

daniel mcdiarmid welcome video for a new blog called ride or dye / they've got some good content going already / nice work from daniel / duder shreds, getting some good lines in here / last 3 clips were fire

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape vol 7

this might be my favorite sesh tape yet / rad stuff from matt spencer, congo, corey san agustin, and tyler park / corey's double tap was one of my favorite clips / check out the previous sesh tape videos

TTv TTop posTT /// park rat vol 2

volume two of wolfdrawn park rat series / matt spencer and congo tearing up the park / congo getting both on the BMX and fixie / every clip is banger


quickie coming in from xinyu of FGCN / packed with a ton of tricks / ender was wild


izik service getting some rad jib shit


getting some fast street lines / dig it

RRD night session

gettin the flatground shred / one handed fakie rocket manual was wild

michael chacon fgfs 2015

michael chacon coming in with a solid 2015 edit / done in the classic chacon style / lots of bars and tech flat ground / keeping it smooth through out

TURF /// fast fifteen

TURF's fast fifteen for jimmy watcha / really don't see enough of this duder / 15 seconds and it's full of hammers / keep it up / they've got a bunch of new stuff on the webstore so go check it

bunch of nothing

bombtrack /// the global mosh pit vol 2

bombtrack rounding up the troops worldwide for a sick edit / very cool concept and rad clips / stoked to see how many people are out there shredding

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape vol 6

wolfdrawn with another killer edition to the sesh tape series / evan service's huge rock drop was my favorite clip /


nice quick clip from luciano ortiz / killing it with the fakie wheelie to peg manual /

MoN /// raw b roll

some of ramon antonio's b roll from his latest edit / some good clips in here, many attempts, some bad falls, and funny shit in between

monday sucks /// 420 ediTTion

2015 rio edit

it' been a while snce rio dropped an edit / this little duder shreds / double ender was sick


gettin it

TTv TTop posTT /// charles sauve winTTer days

charles sauve killing it up in canada / getting some rad clips at le taz indoor park / that place looks way fun to ride and seems like charles hit almost everything in there / getting a good variety of tricks / smooth riding / i appreciate that most of the clips are lines / really showing his consistency / keep it up



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chase davis keepin it tech and smooth

TURF /// a visit from michael penrose

michael penrose recently took a trip up to san francisco to ride with the TURF duders / he filmed this rad video with mike schmitt / looks like a wild set up to ride, penrose utilizes it well / dig the rail hop at the end / that landing looks treacherous / hyped to see more footage that came out of this trip

TTv TTop posTT /// who is mike schmitt

holy shit / an amazing part from mike schmitt for TURF / we all know mike schmitt / and we also know he is the grind master / this edit takes it to the next level / always coming up with wild shit with his pegs/pedals and crazy combos / hitting every kind of set up you can imagine / and inventing ways to hit spots that don't even make sense / getting some nice crooks in here / it's hard to pick but i think my favorite is the 60/40 on the double down rail / amazing / his signature nightstick peg just dropped / so get grindin like mike and order some


nice insTTajam from miguel aguallo / nollie 180 bar is too pimp / tag your videos with #ttvblog get em posted here

TURF /// fast fifteen anthony combs

turf has been pushing some real deal content lately / from mike schmitt and ramon's edits to turf tuesday / game changers / this is new series / 15 seconds for each team rider / anthony combs is the man / gettin some wild shit on the bank / last clip was on point

lincoln and park edit

drabzong her shredding the streets and the park / getting some nice tricks out of the flyout in park section

cant fool the youth 3 /// secret steven jensen

a secret video from cant fool the youth 3 / sick combo from steven jensen / he's always bustin hang 5's and fakie wheelies, cool to see him link the two together

spook boys x frame rot promo

i really dig this video promo these duders put together / not to mention this shirt is pimp / go order one

quick clip

another quickie from FG CN / jiaqi shreds the mini bike / last trick was way sick


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rad clips / even got the TTv shout out in there /

2015 Spring BULLTRAIN 0-TAK

damn this got me hyped / bulltrain keeping it steezy with this edit / o-tak throwing down some techy combos / all while keeping it smooth / awesome edit / keep em coming

FOAD /// sojo sesh

nice park shred from the FOAD boys


quickie from shen at FG CN / smooth style / dig it

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape 5

wolfdrawn keeps it real with the sesh tape series / i've said it before but i love the old video camera footage / this one stays true to the "chills not skills" motto / some wild trickery from izik service / matt spencers bump to vertical cab out got me hyped /

TTrack TTuesday

awesome drone shots / some sick freestyle stuff from izik service as well

ratshit x 3bs krew

nice mix between track and freestyle / some wild visuals going on here / i really dig the intro

TTv TTop posTT /// andy sparks

a ton of great content coming out of the bay lately / this one's from andy sparks / i really appreciate his style / creating something new with old school style / super "fixie" / andy has so much bike control and comes up with some crazy variations


little bit of everything in this one

One Day w/ adrian gomez and david todd

nice edit / each of these duders bringing in their own style


nice park shred before the cant fool the youth 3 premier in japan / some funny antics in here as well

crunk 2015

great video / i dig these duders' style / smooth and fast / making everything look good / definitely one of my favorite edits to come out lately

TTv TTop posTT /// tadashi nakamura

tadashi nakamura flew out from japan to stay with the wheeltalk homies out in the bay / pretty impressive edit for only being filmed in two days / matt reyes did a great job filming and putting this one together

hellisodes /// MMXV WEB SERIES

hell or win coming in with a lengthy squad edit / featuring a mix of bmx and fixie with a good variety of styles, dirt, park and street / definitely some cool stuff in here / they've gotten a bunch new stuff in their webstore since i last checked so go scope it

off TTopic

reposTT /// sMc young guns

if you haven't seen sMc's full length video young guns you're fucking up / some of the sickest content to come out last year / they just released the video on DVD / 29 minutes of b-roll and stickers, this is well worth the purchase / add this to your collection, swoop it here

randy rush /// bike check

a lot of bike checks coming out recently / this ones from randy rush out in new york / the riding in here sick / randy getting some cool tricks at the skatepark / must be brutal to ride through the winter out there / keep em coming

TTv TTop posTT /// steven jensen

we all know steven jensen is a super talented rider / this video really shows his abilities / shredding on a state bicycle co / mixing some old school tarck tricks with a modern take on it / awesome work behind the camera by wolfdrawn

FGFS thailand /// PETCH

a rad one from petch / getting some cool stuff in here / feeble 180 bars especially on point / puttin in work



great video by TURF / second installment of their turf tuesday series / love the feel of this one / laid back riding and having fun with it / couple good lol moments in here too / mike schmitt's rail footplant was insane / good stuff / keep em comin!


damn / even the b-roll stuff jball drops is amazing / jballs got it down / smooth, technical, and downright wild / he knows how to keep it fresh, no two tricks in here are exactly alike / all the slams and almost makes show the work he puts in for clips that come out seemless / if you haven't seen it, or even if you have go watch his bombtrack edit one more time / jball keeps expanding his bag of tricks / so many clips in here caught me off guard / pegless double to 180 bar was my favorite / jball is king

off TTopic

bintang septian p / FGFS for heavenfall 2014

nice edit / i like all of the lines in here / shows consistency and that they realy know how to utilize a spot

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

off TTopic


hanoi 2014

nice mix of flat ground, street, and trackstand tricks / son hargo with some cool track stand tricks at some wild spots / rad video from vietnam


winTTer shred

어느 멋진 날

dig this one / fast and smooth style / some cool BMX stuff too

skate shiTT

pyrex vision FGFS 2015

brandon carlo getting it in the streets and at the park / havent heard of pyrex vision before so i'm stoked to see whats to come


TTv TTop posTT /// TURF welcomes ramon antonio

damn / ramon stepped up his game and went in for TURF on this one / so many bangers in here / going big and tech / digging the out of rail tricks / especially the double peg hard 180 at the end

keita one day edit

solid riding for a one day edit / getting some cool wheelie 180 combos and backlashes
FROOTS crew coming in with a solid edit / dig how diverse this duder's riding is / some really sick spots in here /

bang bang

some rad creative jibbing from carl debeauclair


fgfs and bmx all day

high energy on this one / that first hang five was butters

red bull b roll 2014

a solid recap and b roll from last years ride n style / nice capturing from ramon antonio

YLG 2015 chinese new year edit

solid edit from FGCN featuring jiaqi, xinyu liang, and shen / some rad clips in here / goin hard on the mixie too / that bike looks super fun to ride /

off TTopic


ed wonka laforte /// capone bikes 2014

wonka coming in with some heat for capone bikes / stoked to see what these duders have in store for 2015 / them smith grinds doe / too sick / as well as the tooth hang overs / solid edit /

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape vol 4

it's been a while since matt spencer dropped a sesh tape / i love this series / the old camcorder footage really makes it / this one came from when he was out in salt lake with jacob ruff

#CSKJAM prefunk

a chill one from CSK / hanging out and jibbin at a scenic bank / jacob ruff captured it perfectly / matt spencer with the long wheelie to abubaca and elliott with the wild slider at the end

freestyle fixed gear through the streets of taiwan

i really liked this one / clean riding / epic shots and production / on point

blacksun day x wheeltalk thailand trip 2014

another epic edit / this one is from tunnel films / edited by jaoa danaikrit / amazing clips from everyone in this / really pushing the game / steven jensen had some insane clips in here as well as everyone else

islan edit

fgfs & skateboard video in sydney

rad video some really sick skate tricks in here


turf tuesday /// 01

awesome first video for this series / hyped for whats to come / good to see gus molina getting back into the game after a knee injury / good stuff from ramon antonio and mike schmitt as well

FOAD /// jackson bradshaw technique fleek

super stoked to drop this one / put some work in for this / been filming on it for the past six months or so / check it

FBZ in 2014

damn / fixie boyz 408 doing it real big / squad goin in PVN, jimmy watcha, daniel le, valentin racho, kameren boun, kent ly, anthony combs, chris garcia, luciano ortiz, btumber, and kenneth nguyen / in particular some hammers from valentin and racho / good shit

christian alivera /// some clips

clean style / getting some cool combos out at the park

chris garcia /// iminusd and liker it or not

rad edit / clean footplants

TTv TTop posTT /// super bowl sunday 2015

a sick one from TURF / one day out riding and catching clips / matt reyes, ramon antonio, mike t. schmitt, wonka, josh boothby, josh silva, adam t. wells, and spencer stiegrist / some cool clips in here all these duders slay / overall a great edit

TTv TTop posTT /// keny ly iMINUSD

sick video by keny ly / doing it big for iMINUSD / duder getting in a variety of tricks / some cool bar combos / definitely got the skills / good shit

TTv TTop posTT /// arizona iced out

completely slept on posting this one / so good though, watched it a few times / awesome video fro sMc featuring corey san agustin, johnathan ball, steven jensen, congo, michael penrose, and matt spencer / definitely some of my favorite riders / these duders caught so many good clips while they were out in AZ / 15 minutes of fire / loved everything in here, from the chill seshing, bangers, and skatepark footy / solid work from jball in front of and behind the camera

christian dave

nice edit / bar to smith was wild / getting some cool flatground and some big stuff as well

RATPACK /// aidan curry winter 2015 II

this one is the jam / aidan curry killing it out in richmond, virginia / super rad moves, some funny in there as well / always appreciate the gritty vibes from ratpack / big ups to aidan, keep it comin

insTTa clippin

A video posted by ChaseRDavis (@chaserdavis) on

clean park line from chase davis / follow him for some solid fgfs content

3 day park edit

solid park edit from aaron keokham and daniel mcdiarmid

insTTa clippin

A video posted by Nathan Sani (@gnarthan) on

gonna start posting these again / tag your video #TTvblog / new content only / sick one from nathan sani /

day at downtown

sick one day edit from francis roque / some cool tricks in here / smooth riding / big bar at the end

TTv TTop posTT /// bangkok bound กทม. ที่ถูกผูกไว้

awesome to see this video in it's entirety / the US squad and all of the local chillers&killers went in for this video / i think it came out great / the skatepark section and the end were my favorite / rad production from CHOP EM DOWN FILMS / if you haven't seen the whole thing watch it, and if you have watch it again

a weekend with framerot

the frame rot fixed duders going on some fun adventures / loving the seinfeld shenanigans and all the other hoodrat shit / some cool stuff from armaun saheli and nathan sani / armaun gettin some wild flatground combos / always sick / good stuff

one day homie edit

chill edit from the san jose duders / kent ly, alex blanco, luciano ortiz, chris garcia, aaron uht, frankie villegas / some cool stuff in here

jordan ramos /// insta edit

a bunch of sick insta clips from jordan ramos / duder has been stepping up his game / getting those nosie bars and feeble hards / rad

winTTer shred


aaron keokham /// park edit

aaron keokham taking his skills to the park / i always enjoy edits from this duder

NOWADAY by 88artwork /// #ENDfgfs

hangin out and trying some flatground tricks / always enjoyable / love the blindfolded bar

TTv TTop posTT /// steven jensen

when steven jensen puts out an edit you know it is going to be fire / this one's for spike parts / steven coming through with some pretty wild combos / he's always taking it to the next level / the fast hang nothing was rad, as well as the ender / my favorite clip is definitely the fakie footjam whip / catching pedals super clean / on point production from wolfdrawn behind the camera / steven jensen is king

randy rush /// 5050 interview

holding it down for new york

daniel martinez jr. /// mini warehouse edit

nice warehouse shred / looks fun


bangkok bound /// event

some rad shit went down at the jam / looks like therse duders had fun at the cant fool the youth premier / good stuff / stay tuned for the next section tomorrow

off TTopic

park rat /// volume 1

solid park edit from matt spencer and congo / every clip in this is fire / both of these duders hitting some silky lines / watch this shit

bangkok bound pt 3 /// skate parks

the squad and local chillers&killers hitting the parks / definitely my favorite section so far / everybody went in for this / i love the group vibes / everybody pushing each other to crazier shit / JD's fakie double hop over / boothby's huge wallride / dew's gnarly tuck no / all of jballs lines / steven jensen's double tire tap / all of nuttapongs tricks

bangkok bound pt2 /// one spot stop

here's part two of bangkok bound / jball, steven jensen, josh boothby, devon lawson, anthony combs, jonathan davis, and some local shredders hitting up a rad spot / i love the energy of this one / get stoked for part 3 tomorrow


rad edit

CHOP EM DOWN FILMS /// bangkok bound intro

chop em down films is releasing each of the 5 video section individually from 'bangkok bound' / each part will be online for 24 hours until the next part is released / here's the intro to the video / looks like these duders had a blast / sure to be some fire in the rest of the video / sTTay TTuned

michael penrose /// iphone leftovers

michael penrose kills it / he's got a wide variety of tricks / smooth riding / some sick half cabs in here / if these are his leftover clips i'm hyped to see what he's got in store


elliott milner showcasing bombtrack's 2015 dash complete / elliott kills it in this / as with everything that bombtrack is producing this setup's on fleek / da fuck / definitely a going to be a sick option for 2015 / nice production from wolfdrawn / looking forward to seeing more and for this set up to be released

jordan ramos /// winter edit

this shit is fire / completely slept on this one / jordan ramos slaying on 700s / some cool bar combos in here / getting some long noes manuals too / sick

TTv TTop posTT /// shredwell 2

this ones old but it's the first time it's been released online free to watch / this videos epic, some groundbreaking stuff for fixed / these duders pushing the limits, going big and tech / even though this footage is pretty old the shit in here is amazing now / definitely enjoyed watching this one again

trick trike

looks fun / i enjoyed this one

easy sunday 2015

fun shred

untamed youth /// long teaser

trippy teaser

new years quickie

always enjoy aaron keokham's flatground shreds / always expanding his shit and getting smoother