i had the pleasure of meeting red at the last ride & style / he's a wildstyle duder who wrecks flatground / so much bike control / be sure to note his double belt drive set up / love the ender


it's finally here / altar has released their burial bar / these bars look slick and can take a massive fucking beating / 1 piece bars look super clean / support grassroots FGFS / order some from altar's webstore

one day edit /// whatever

some good fixie and big bike shredding

FROOTS CREW /// tokyo trip 2013

a nice edit of the FROOTS CREW's trip to tokyo / i was hyped to see kareem shehab's appearance in this / good stuff / FROOTS is always steppping up their game

quickie /// beet root

booty blasted

ride em up /// PETCH

another good one from the homies at black sunday / some peggery going down

team war /// sunday funday

keeping it old school

bulltrain /// ride life

good one from bulltrain