TTv TTop posTT /// devon lawson and matt reyes

devon lawson and matt reyes doing it big for premier fits / both these duders slay / fast and smooth / making everything look good / devon getting those sick feeble hards / clean bars / matt taking his classic style to different tricks and hitting some wild set ups setups /

ENDfgfs /// meantime project n.3

clean filming and editing

raw clips

super stoked on this one / bunch of rad clips in here


off TTopic

hisTTory channel


some rad bmx and fixie shit


hisTTory channel

bombtrack /// hook 2015

this isn't the radavist / cool video nonetheless / gotta support the companies that support us

hisTTory channel

TTv TTop posTT /// matt spencer b-sides

matt's last edit for hold fast was sick / here are the b-sides from it / some cool stuff in here / utilizing that back brake

nagao skate park

nice park sesh

4130 FGFS CNX stay alive

some rad shit in here


bulltrain x lavega

seshing with the homies and having fun with it / one of the reasons i always dig bulltrain edits

insTTa clippin /// round up

tag your videos #ttvblog to get posted here / and be sure to follow these duders

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these are almost all sold out / XXL's left / get some new THIETH gear / that shits rare

arif safuan /// chainminator

nice riding from arif / cool lines in here

TTv TTop posTT /// osaka funny

some really cool shit in here / getting in a wide variety of tricks / i love all of the fast lines / overall an awesome edit, check it


another nice teaser for ENDfgfs


off TTopic


shit klips 6

another rad one from the shit kilps series

koji2 insta edit 2014

loving the wheelie skids / such a clean trick / remember to tag your videos #TTvblog on instagram to get em posted here

gloomy edit

TTv TTop posTT /// chase davis for velo city bags

so much good content lately / i'm excited to finally drop this one / chase doing it big for velo city bags / this duder continues to progress and always amazes me / check this shit

hisTTory channel


charles sauve kills it / keep it up pimp
/ remember to tag your videos #ttvblog if you want them posted here

wolfdrawn /// 15 stair sesh bangers only

completely missed this one / congo and matt spencer throwing down some cool shit on some parking garage manny pads

tyy sarawut /// eazy cmu

damn this one is clean / good stuff in here / dig the feeble hop over and ender


monday sucks /// eat shiTT

TTv TTop posTT /// silverado nights

woah / this edit is too fucking sick / love the vibes / having a good time / johnathan ball, elliott milner, michael penrose, and miguel zendejas all going in / jballs ender was too wild / check this shit out

nelson bell /// b(erlin) sides

nelson bell slays on 29ers / he moved to berlin a while back and its good to see him riding with some other local shredders / nice edit, definitely some good stuff in here

14/11.24 edit

rad edit from maaah0994 / dig all the lines in here

TTv TTop posTT /// harness the gnarness

looks like harness the gnarness was a success / killer spots and good riding / everyone threw down / some burly crashes in here / i love the energy that the jam brings / everybody gettin hyped on eachothers shit / the madarang's and watcha in particular went in

skate shiTT

TTv TTop posTT /// KRAY 2K14 november

solid one from the KRAY duders / by far my favorite edit from these duders so far / keep em coming

inTTroducing insTTa clippin

more and more content is being posted on instagram rather than on the web / decided to introduce a new section called instaclippin / 


and maybe it will get posted / this first one comes from armaun swagheli


chicago junk /// pt 1 and 2


fucking around with x-ups / cool shit

END FGFS /// downtown invaders pt. 1

another cool teaser from end fgfs / on point

quickie /// harness the gnarness

nice teaser from the event by lockedcog / looks like everyone went in


quickie /// end fgfs