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skate shiTT

reposTT /// elliott milner

so fucked


nice filming and editing / i guess this going to be documentary / check out more on their facebook page


some cool stuff in here / seshing a variety of spots / always good stuff from the bulltrain boys

east 1394 /// frame rot fixed

funny shit from frame rot fixed / this one had me crackin up

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TTv TTop posTT /// matt spencer welcome to hold fast

matt spencer bringing the fire for hold fast / matt keeps his signature smooth style except this time with pegs and a brake / i was excited to see what he would bring to the table and he definitely utilizes both in a way that hasn't been done / everything about this is silky / watch this shit right now

hisTTory channel



norazlan aziz going in for proto and chainminator / some good lines in here

summer throwaway clips

really enjoyed this one / some banger clips in here on fixed and bmx / oscar lopez, marco marquez, charles littlejohn and ryan hernandez goin in


two rad clips from rio

hisTTory channel

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this one is too good


2011 lost edit / slush symposium

two old edits from back before FOAD was called FOAD


TTv TTop posTT /// SOYng RSK and takashi for ENISHY

both duders went in for this one / double peg hop over and the ender were the two stand outs for me / good shit / check it


rasix /// halloween ride

NORIDAORE /// 3bike festival

flatland, fixie, and bmx / some cool shit went down check it out

3b's /// izik service

izik service gettin down on the track bike, trick bike and kendama for 3b's

hisTTory channel

harness the gnarness 2014

looks like this is going to be a rad event / if you're in the bay you better be there


TTv TTop posTT /// not a street edit

rad edit from wolfdrawn / straight fire from matt spencer, elliott milner, michael penrose, corey san agustin and robert rice / too many cool clips to mention just one / watch this shit


rad video

CND ridas /// leftovers

nice edit from the CND duders / going for some wild tricks and steppin up their game / dig it

FROOTS /// haloween jam

looks like a good time / cruisin and bruisin

aaron keokham /// parking lot solo dolo

always dig aaron keokham's edits

blisstape v.2

bisstape 1 was rad and 2 is even better / rad fuck around from corey san agustin, michael penrose, matt spencer, joe mckeag, johnathon ball, congo, jacob santos, and tyler park

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

IKuya tetsuka 2014 clip

chop em down films /// bangkok bound

rad teaser / super hyped for this one to come out / always good shit from chop em down films

TTv TTop posTT /// robert rice leftovers

leftovers clips before robert rice switched to his new LDG frame / this edit is too rad / robert rice just keeps progressing / he's got a style all his own / seeing him slay at CSK jam was sick

reposTT /// gang signs

back to TTrack /// 3b's halloween shit show

spooky and kooky / wheelie at the end was too sick from izik service

frame rot fixed /// halloweenier quicky

one of my favorite frame rot fixed edits so far / killer intro / so funny, this shit had me cracking up / costumes and editing on point

the east /// tom la marche

wow this one came as a real surprise / tom la marche has been out of the fixed gear game for a minute / he's been one of the most talented and influential riders / this was shot two years ago / this edit is packed with heat / all the classic shit you can expect from tom / huge hops, fast riding, sick pegless shit / overall amazing

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TTv TTop posTT /// shiokaze final

we've seen snippets from the event, but heres the real deal / shiokaze is the biggest and longest running comp in japan / the event looked like a good time / everyone went in for the contest / cool to see some tarck shit in here as well / thanks to DEVOUR FILMS for putting this one together