reposTT /// word is bond

off TTopic

FOAD /// infra-edit #1

too hot in vegas to film during the day so we decided to fuck around by night and capture it with infrared camera / more of these to come soon

CSK jam /// nov 2nd

CSK and wolfdrawn are hosting a street jam in downtown LA on november 2nd / should be really rad, i'm excited to see what everyone throws down / be sure to come out to this one

hanoi /// trackstand tricks

taking it way back

TTv TTop posTT /// coleclipsV2

some cool stuff in here from cole ruffing / always jibbing, different ways to hit a spot / his footjam 3's always amaze me

reposTT /// young guns

quickies /// hanoi fgfs

nelson bell / destroy bikes / berlin

good to see nelson bell jammin out in berlin / some nice park and street shred in this / hope to see more from nelson soon

rooTTs shiTT

reposTT /// kareem shehab

shiokaze final /// okumura vs nakamura

both riders did great / seems like a rad event

off TTopic

skate shiTT

TTv TTop posTT /// jonathan davis CFTY3

jonathan davis is insane / his part has everything / gnarly rails / awesome ditch lines / tech / huge gaps / 3:48 was my favorite clip in here / jonathan davis continues to go bigger and do crazier shit / not to mention utilizing that front brake for some wild shit / awesome section from cant fool the youth 3, buy that shit


monday sucks /// eat shiTT

gorrilla thrill 2x bombtrack dash

not the usual video that we are seeing / rad nonetheless / production on point / getting spooky building up the new bombtrack frame /

sepTTember chill

royal HC /// one day with jball and marco

damn marco and jball both slay / throwing down on this manny pad / marco's wheelie 3 was too fucking rad

reposTT /// matt spencer

off TTopic

childish gambino showing you how to film the right way


KRAY /// october 2K14

KRAY from shizuoka japan droppin some cool shit

omancore /// old go pro clips

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

raymond moung /// throwback scrap clips

the phantom zone

chill edit / dig this one / cool street riding and hitting spots

slopro sesh

TTv TTop posTT /// ratpack SF sessions

another great edit from ratpack / lucas bockelmann capturing all of the action that went down in san francisco during the ride n style weekend / cool stuff from everyone in this / elliott milner dropping hammers throughout

faTT shiTT

hisTTory channel

best FGFS vines

cool compilation, get them vines

reposTT /// young guns

hisTTory channel /// sam hanson

FDM /// summer 2014

fdm squad with the real deal 14 minute edit / some cool stuff in here / these duders are doing what it's all about


back to TTrack

TTv TTop posTT /// MARCO for W-BASE

rad one from marco for w-base / loving the fast street lines, hitting everything in site / good variety of tricks / night fliming stuff looks good / solid edit