locked cog /// because bikes rule

because bikes rule / this is a great way to summarize locked cog / rad video / locked cog is always posting awesome track&fgfs photos and videos / why? / because bikes rule / if you don't know now you know

TTv TTop posTT /// p-dog park shred

this shit came out of nowhere / i don't usually dig fixie bowl riding but p-dog makes it look good


we worked super hard on this / i couldn't be more excited on the way it turned out / everyone put their passion into making this video / really hyped on izik service and chase davis' parts / DVD are available for purchase here / hope you enjoy

skate shiTT

watch part two here


symbol of freedom /// 2014

nice intro / putting in work with riding and making some cool products


matt spencer of wolfdrawn bought a VHS camcorder to mess around with / i really dig the aesthetics of this / matt spencer's stuff is always on point

bombay one day one dude in rayong

full cab to feeble starting at 1:02 was killer


rad one from bence babinecz / his first video, i'd love to see more


always solid entertainment from chi town bois

advance oF ROOTS /// official trailer

rad teaser / stoked to see what these guys have in store for us

thailand southside tour

really lagged on this one / love the vibes of this / these duders are really having fun with it / some sick moves in here too / good stuff

off TTopic

this one goes out to steven jensen

oh the guilt

the struggle is real

FOAD /// gang signs teaser 2

gang signs DVD pre-orders are now open / it will also be online june 15th / stay tuned

#0.5 Fire Cracker Party

who knew so much could be done on a little piece of metal


damn this is sick / killing it on the beachcruiser get up


sick flatground shre

alive 2014 /// 1 of 2

nice mix of bmx and fixie shit

hisTTory channel

tbt to when john "prolly" used to ride fixies

TTv TTop posTT /// charlie sauve TTakeover

wTTf / charlie sauve dropping 4 sick videos all in the past few days / doing it big for ibike / i'm always really diggin on this duders shit / bringing the heat all the way to montreal / charlie has the passion that i love to see / showing his skills in both the park and streets / keep it up

TTv TTop posTT /// young guns

we've been waiting on this / and i am so hyped that it is finally here / suck my cog delivered the real deal with this / young southern california killers&chillers represent / everybody in this brings their own style to the table / every part is amazing from beginning to end / in particular i was super juiced on jacob santos, cole ruffing, robert rice and miguel zendejas with the ender / friends section was awesome as well, cool to see unfamiliar faces and old time rippers in the mix / my only disappointment with this is that sMc frontman johnathan ball didn't have a part / he killed it on production and putting this all together / this is the passion that i love to see / next generation doing it big / check out more from suck my cog and be sure to support the cause

quickie /// ricardo lino

a rad look into ricardo lino's crazy x-up double he did for his destroy brainiac edit

hisTTory channel

aaron keokham and daniel mcdiarmid throwaway

ultimate jib style from these two / dig what they are doin, getting out, trying different stuff and having fun with it

KTR /// package#2

nice park shred