TTv TTop posTT /// sMc skatepark quickie

TTv is all about supporting anything and everyone involved in FGFS / but too often good videos that people have worked hard on get buried and unnoticed / i've decided to start a new segment:

TTv TTop posTT///

TTv TTop posTT videos will remain stickied (in black) at the top of the page for a minimum of 24 hours or until the next TTv TTop posTT video comes along /

i'm hoping to showcase the people throwing down and putting in hard work / get out there, get motivated, and push yourself to be the next TTv TTop posTT///

our first TTv TTop posTT comes from the sMc YOUNG GUNS / these duders slay MLK / they are working on a full length webby which should be finished soon / couldn't be more hyped to see it

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