MUST SEE TTv /// devon lawson CFTY2

devon fucking slays / no doubt about it /  fast aggressive riding while still keeping everything controlled and smooth / most buttery bars in the game and boosty hops to match / devon is a force to be reckoned with / Zane Meyers and Matt Reyes did an amazing job putting this one together for Can't Fool The Youth 2 / a bunch of other great riding on the DVD so if you haven't copped one yet get it while you can ///JACKOFFF

keep it trick jam 2013

no stopping, rain or shine / these duders went hard / events like this always get me hyped / it's great that everyone can come together, ride, and have a good time / shit is always poppin' off in seoul

nikko azucena /// sneaky solo

double feaTTure coming from the northwest today / dig this / good to see some #sevenhundo shred / one-foot pedal feeble was tight

rooTTs /// CSK kyle fritz and jackson hill

CSK and the rest of the northwest chillers&killers never disappoint / always interesting spots and riding / chris clappe on point with the camera work and editing

double feaTTure /// aaron keokham

hyped aaron is bringing back big spins AKA blog spins AKA prolly spins