finn zygowski /// last edit

I guess this is finn's farewell to fixed edit / sad to see him go / him and the rest of the Great White North duder's have brought a ton of sick content to the scene over the past years

destroy bikes trip

really dig this one / bunch of chillers&killers in this / everyone slays, loved seeing everyone's different styles and tricks in one edit / sicks clips from jaoa, dew, valentine racho, jimmy watcha, joe mckeag, eliott milner, corey san agustin / hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone / too many bangers to note

AFC uproar 2013

good to see all the nor cal duders coming together for the event / everyone went hard for this shit / matt reyes' 180 smith to full cab blew my fucking mind / props to alberto fox for the first video and BHSK for the second

shit klips 3

diggin this series / shenanigans and cruising/ the music track brings me back to council of doom

CHNFGFS /// trailer 1

nice little trailer from the CHNFGFS duders / hyped to see what's to come


some wildstyle shit / dig the bike transfer at 1:46