cant fool the youth 2 /// young gunz

chop em down films decided to leak the young gunz section from can't fool the youth 2 / the whole movie is amazing but this is definitely one of the best sections / everyone in here kills it / if you haven't already gotten yourself a copy of CFTY2 you're fucking up


WOLFDRAWN and the rest of the homies have been working super hard on this project / too hyped to see it all finished up / elliott milner is too fucking good / be sure to check the instagram hashtag for more of whats in the works

fixie boyz 408 /// summer 2013

fixie boyz 408 stay on it / these duders roll deep and they always look like they're having fun with it / some rad shit in here / interesting spots as well

rooTTs /// mike aitken

super inspirational short documentary on BMX legend mike aitken / really well put together / aitken drops some real-deal perspective on your ass

shit klips

good to see midwest homies holdin' it down / some rad bmx shit mixed around with some good 'ol poodickelin' around