hisTTory channel /// chris clappe

chris seems to lurk in the shadows of the fixed gear world / but whenever he decides to drop something on us it's always amazing / seatown homie has been slaying for years / his most recent edit for holdfast is fucking amazing / pegless carnage, huge drops, creativity, and style; the butcher kills

burr parakeet /// throwaways

some burly slams, rad almost makes, and goofiness / not really sure what the fuck even happened at 2:51 but that had to have hurt / these duders are on top of their shit and I always love to see stuff from them

miguel aguallo /// summer throwaway

pretty rad shit for throwaway footy / duders got a good bag of tricks and stooze to back it up

merlin meuris /// meltingpot III

I really dig the grittiness of this one / both in the riding and film / no fucks given / keep em coming

jieyang city kids /// summer 2013

duders doin it big out in china / not sure why there is a long clips of a cat milking near the end of the video though / lawlz ///JACKOFFF

sMc /// summerfix 2013

another edit from this years summerfix / this ones a bit longer but I dig it, shows more of the shit that went down / big ups to jball for capturing all the action