kareem shehab /// welcome to holdfast

kareem has been dropping so much real deal shit on us lately / this one is by far my favorite / from barging huge hubbas to booty blasters, kareem brings it / i also dig that he threw in a few hill bombs for good measure / not only does kareem shred the gnar, his antics always make his edits super entertaining

toyo trip to kuwana

techy flatground with some good street riding ///JACKOFFF

bikes beards bands /// quatro

good stuff coming out of san diego / i like this duders style / getting out there and thrashing / get clips or die trying


nice combos / i like the fast riding style as well ///JACKOFFF

fixed bandit crew /// kiki RKR

keeping it a little old school with this one / sevenhundo slayin'/ i dig it ///JACKOFFF


lahsaan kobza stays on it / everything this duder does looks completely effortless

ed wonka /// interview

awesome interview with the long-time-shredder Ed Wonka / nice Q&A with some legit clips thrown in the mix / it's a shame that the grime is no longer going to be but I know that whatever wonka decides to be doing next will be poppin' off / on a side note of one of the things ed said, lets keep this scene alive / get out there and shred

it was all a dream /// ricardo lino

super fucking epic / ricardo slays / peg game, biggie smalls / hopefully he can make it back to shred the states again soon