jball /// leftovers

jball always brings it / one of the last on sevenhundos and certainly one of the best / every trick is super clean / wasn't expecting the bonk to fakie nosie wheelie out of the pedal feeble at 2:14 / too trill

quick clip // skate shiTT

this shit caught me off guard / so sick / thanks to og shredder dylan fish n' chips for sending this one over

danny skit /// summer pt 1

brews and bikes / that's the good summer time livin / good riding and you can tell these duders are having fun with it

red bull /// hell hole

the foadies and I ventured out to wyoming a few days ago to check this spot out / super crazy to see in person

OSS /// ruin your whole summer

OSS is always on point / so you know a full length is going to be insane / everyone in this slays / alex donnachie and craig passero's parts in particular fucked with my mind / hyped to see a good amount of utah spots as well / watch this shit right the fuck now

thunderkill /// vol 1

theres something about the gritty-ness of the east coast and the classic look of VX footy that gets me super hyped / sick BMX shredding with some fixie and skate shit in the mix / this ones almost a year old / good to see that thunderkill is keeping shit alive out there

ken nguyen and grimace /// an hour at MLK

MLK seems to have produced more footage than any other skatepark / good variety of tricks in this / reppin that TTv camolyfe


captain beefheart kills

shinya summer edit

really diggin the fast and smooth riding in this one / tree tap at 1:39 is so clean

bikes beards bands /// vol III

nice one day edit / some fun dirt shredding in the mix

boba /// help ys bike shop

nice little raw footage edit / no gimmicks / some good lines in there

will cowal /// 2DAYS9CLIPS

super stoked on this / interesting spots and tricks / definitely want to see more from this duder

seoul fixed gear /// double feature

good stuff from the duders out in seoul / always diggin the lifestyle shit