Colby Elrick x Josh Boothby

Always great to see something coming from these names. You know the production value is going to be top notch when you see Colby in the mix, and we all know what kind of fire to expect from Boothby. Rail game super dialed on top of his signature style. Happy to say I was present for the bench hop to gap over the bank, looked crazier in person. Johnny Coward gets best supporting actor in this one, #hawt.


duhfuq ///JACKOFFF

MASH /// matt shapiro

the big boss doesn't really post too many fast bike fixie videos but you gotta have some love for the OG shredders / plus this shit is badass

keep it trick jam /// 2013 trailer

looks like this jam is gonna be sick / can't wait to see footage from the event

rooTTs /// charlie crumlish

I love watching charlie crumlish's shit / you never know how a trick is going to turn out

everyday of the week sucks /// eat shiTT