joe fucking kills, this ones short, but has that heat straight through. the music is the fucking icing on the cake WOLFDRAWN awlays puts it together. that last line will fuck your head up. joe, youre a fucking beast. click through to WOLFDRAWN YOUTUBE and subscribe.


really feeling this one/// thats about as many clips as you can shove into a 14 second edit. sick raw style footage, good shit///keep it coming will.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

summer is here, but those of us with jobs dont get summer vacation. monday fucking sucks. eat shit.

TTARCK /// jball for royalhc

this is a super sick tarck flashback. kinda blown away by how jball can keep a grip on his tarck tricks and maintain his current shit at the same time. killer clean edit straight through. ROYALHC always knows whats good.

quick clip /// monkey bars

haha too sick /// quick clip from mon.

steven jensen in shanghai

if you follow jensen on instagram you already know he's out there somewhere... living the fucking dream. this isnt much for a web edit, but everyone loves some new footage from this fucker.

skate shiTT /// palace

always watch new palace shit no matter what.

fixie boyz /// b-rolls and bails

them fixie boyz keep getting better. the filming and editing quality is going up too. sick to see progression even if it comes with some bails.

johnathan carolino /// fails and bails

get yo slam reel on.

n00bs /// 4 flicks

pretty solid,  dont think ive seen anything from jaka. 

new names coming in with some old school flavor.

feeling the vibes in this one. that first trick was sick and the 24 with big bars look like fun to ride.

practice makes perfect.


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 photo tumblr_mkak8puLjm1qbdgk6o1_500_zps3944467b.gif
 photo tumblr_mkak8puLjm1qbdgk6o1_500_zps3944467b.gif