FOAD fridays /// fap fap fap

get out there and learn some new shit on this beautiful friday / thanks to ecervix for brightening my day

FOAD fridays /// reposTT

now that it's been almost a year since this was released I can definitely say that this was one of my favorite edits from 2012 / antonyo goes way harder on the peg game than anyone else / the 40/60 grind at 3:04 still gets me every time

FOAD fridays /// ed templeton

if you don't know ed templeton is the og shredder / also the mastermind behind toy machine this duder is too sick

des sippiwat // doritos commercial thailand

this is the kind of shit i love to see haha. dew ended up in a doritos commercial in thailand. too sick not to post up. thanks to zane for sending this one through.


this is fucking sick. totally unexpected and they really put it together here. not sure who's behind the edits with these ratpack joints, but this is worth a watch or two straight out the gate. carnage, heavy tricks, good music selection. real fucking sick all the way through. must see TTv for sure.

skate shiTT

well put together skate shit is always good /// neen has killer style... and obviously everything deathwish puts out is top shelf shit. solid fucking leftovers.

rooTTs /// banned

i just watched that new ratpack joint and it had a similar vibe to banned shit. i love this kind of shit///probably already posted this one, but theyre always good for another watch.


this is my theme song.

shiokaze 13

this contest has been running for the past few years i think. killer to see them keeping it alive and a pretty good turn out too. good clips throughout for sure.

FROOTS /// tokyo trip

froots crew keeps it coming /// this ones a trip to tokyo.

n00bs /// seok jin cha

im always psyched to see new names dropping edits. n00bs world wide.


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