skate shiTT // deer man of dark woods

every now and then something comes up that i gotta post asap /// new shit from deer man of dark woods is always good. must see TTv for sure. trailer for herion skateboards video nasty /// i guess we can expect a full part. this video is going to be sick as fuck.


this is way too sick /// the first 100 copies of CFTY that go out will include a zine by the man himself EYELURK. the movie is super sick, and gus's zines are always fucking killer. cant wait to see both these finished products. it drops JUNE 3 /// CLICK HERE and bookmark the fucking store so you can be first in line.

quick clip /// "quick 1"

i usually dont dig "teasers" /// but this shit is sick. that faceplant is fucked. killer quick clip for fucking sure.

dylan grimace norwood /// spring edit

dylan has been on it lately stacking clips. progression always shows when someones putting in work... and dylan keeps getting better. solid solo edit.


i know another bigger name always posts FBM shit, but this was way too sick not to put in the mix. everything i love about a good edit is in here haha... 2:41 has to be one of my favorite clips tho, but theres non stop highlites throughout.

big wheel bmx /// threefer

this first one is kinda shaky filming and theres some redundant tricks, but the skills are all there. second one comes from THERISE /// they always killing it. psyched to see new shit from them every time. the third one is something i caught on ROYALHC like list. pretty solid.


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