gnarlos /// mather minute

sick to see gnarlos still got it. im a fan of his riding and always psyched to see him get some new shit out. feeble three is soo sick. feeling that quick flow line at 0:56 too, good shit all around.

enishy /// threefer

signature nasty clips right here. so sick to see some new footage from here, and quality shit at that. marco is killing it in the second one and this new addition tatsuta got good style too. ENISHY always brings some killer shit to the table. these three clips are all short and worth the watch.


this shit right here should have you saying wtf and scratching your head multiple times throughout. super unconventional riding. shit you never even imagined possible haha. so fucking good.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

i know its not monday /// tuesday sucks worse after a 3 day weekend. i also know ive already posted this one, but every time i see this shit i laugh.

macaframa /// redbull edit

MACAFRAMA always puts it together so clean. the filming/editing/music selection is perfect. they obviously take their time and make sure to do shit right. this one really captures everything that went down. always sick.

payton schwarz /// bike check

thats a clean build for sure. real solid set of components too. payton stays at it // always has a fresh build.

A.S.S. Clips 7

A.S.S. clips is a legacy haha. this is the 7th installment of the infamous after school scraps. these fuckers stay at it in their free time and always bring some much needed character to the mix.

fixieboyz /// schoolyear edit

schools almost out, and some of you lucky fucks dont even have jobs... all bikes all fucking summer. this ones from the fixieboyz wrapping up the end of the school year with a solid edit.

skate shiTT

really feeling the quick edits today. some skate shit with good vibes.

jil /// east coast park

jil and friends got out to singapore /// this is a quick edit from what looks like one night at the park.

big wheel bmx /// plonka

i usually dont post shit like this, but im a fan of plonka's riding. he kills it on a big bike, some of the shots are pretty sick too.

bulltrain // jw

solid quick one from bulltrain /// i dig shit thats under two minutes. short and sweet.


 photo tumblr_mgdxr40SYk1rrkgt3o1_400_zpsa550fe0c.gif
 photo tumblr_mgdxr40SYk1rrkgt3o1_400_zpsa550fe0c.gif
 photo tumblr_mgdxr40SYk1rrkgt3o1_400_zpsa550fe0c.gif