you already know i love WOLFDRAWN edits /// but matt's riding is progressing real fucking sick. this solo joint is way too fucking sick. his style is getting so dialed, and its clear he's been taking his time to find spots, stack clips, and only drop real quality shit. ive already watched this twice, but theres so much shit worth calling out, i wont even comment on favorite parts. fgfs is changing and matt is on some next shit. fucking killing it.

royal hc video dump

ROYAL just dumped three flicks on us. one is a look back at an early chop of joes bombtrack edit, way sick. i think the final edit was a killer improvement tho. the next one is a quick clip from kwang who has been in long beach riding some of the local spots with everyone. the third one is an unfinished edit from gabriel garcia /// i dunno why they didnt just keep at it, that shit had serious potential.

young thai hahe

this one caught me off guard. it was a lot better than i expected. entertaining music, good spots, and real good riding. thailand seems to keep progressing.

skate shiTT

not the usual gritty skate shit today /// this ones pretty basic as far as the tricks go, but the high frame rate is pretty sick to look at.

winter shred

its been way too hot lately. cool off with some winter shred. genovese is one of my favorites to watch. this ones quick.

fixie shiTT

i dont usually post fixie shit. i actually dont really watch much fixie shit... most people dont even touch the type of shit that massan gets after. i always look forward to edits from this guy.


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be good little fuckers