ALTAR TRIBE dont give a fuck. this shit is sick, real rider driven local parts from within our community. sick vibes here, good song, suuuuper good footage from everyone, and the team is deep as fuck. im fucking psyched on this, you should be too. dont fuck around. go to ALTARTRIBE.COM and check em out.

ENiSHY 2013

this one from ENiSHY is pretty sick. good spots, good riding all around. in case you were wondering, nasty is back at it here. the ender is sick as fuck. 

bombtrack global mosh pit

ill leave it up to bombtracks description for this one/// warning, its lengthy hahaha. get in the fuckin pit tho. submit footage.

" Welcome to the "Global Mosh Pit"! We've had this idea in our head for some time now and we are damn happy to finally get this project underway: a clip series that combine BT riders from everywhere, all over the world - all styles, all levels and all tricks allowed. Show us your inspiration, your personal best trick or your most risky mosh-move bombing any urban area. Spam us with your mobile-phone clips, let us know where you're from and let's see what we can all build from it! But this is no competition, this is a huge jam bridging boundaries between the Bombtrack continents - let's have fun and ride together! Show us your fire and be in one clip with Gomok, Joe and Mean - we are looking forward to see you rocking the Bombtrack, and we are excited to hear new names and see new riders. For the best or most creative clip received we'll even raffle a set of OWL Microdrive hubs! All clips received by June 30th, will be considered for the raffle and from all incoming stuff we'll edit the Bombtrack "Global Mosh Pit" Vol. 1. Don't hesitate, but take your time and take care of the film-quality, HD (Iphone 5 or similar) is much appreciated- enjoy your filming and send everything over to Have a great day! "

michael chacon /// mikeonabike

here's one i missed from last week. pretty solid quick joint from MIKEONABIKE /// in case you were wondering, he still got it. classic chacon style shows through here.

MoN /// twofer

still pour was at redbull /// they rolled deep in a van and brought some chaos with em. MoN always does a good job of capturing the carnage. the second one is more from the skatepark they ride in the ride n style edit. always psyched to see footage from this squad. they bring a necessary element to the mix.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

holy shit haha. this ones pretty fucking good. gotta love that replay action after the slam.

lucas petruzzelli

yung gun lucas petruzelli with what i think is his first solo edit? i could be wrong, and i didnt check my facts. the one they call "pizza man" put together a pretty solid set of clips, chopped it down to a good length, and slapped a pretty good song on it. looks like he's been pushing hard to bring his riding up /// btw, its this fuckers birthday today, so watch his edit, show him some love. happy birthday pizza man.


this is sick /// you'll know from the first clip this edit is going to be good. seamus has a real original approach to riding, sick spot selection, and does some tricks that make riding look fun. you wont be disappointed.

n00bs /// kansai street films

first edit from kansai street films /// sounds like theres more to come.

big wheel bmx

some park mini shred big bike shit.

skate shiTT

this one came in by way of brad parker /// sounds like this is a friend of his. i can always appreciate a creative take on skateboarding... and local at that.

a new low

lol. this thing isnt even fixed, but somehow its still called a "fixie".


 photo tumblr_mm2xw6rHPK1qdxhroo1_400_zpsc8b7b419.gif
 photo tumblr_mm2xw6rHPK1qdxhroo1_400_zpsc8b7b419.gif
 photo tumblr_mm2xw6rHPK1qdxhroo1_400_zpsc8b7b419.gif