wheel talk /// ride n style edit

this is hands down the best edit ive seen so far. pure entertainment straight through. i feel like he really captured everything good that went down... and put it together sooo good. matt reyes really knows how to chop up some footage and put together quality web entertainment. WHEELTALK kills.

redbull ride n style interviews

got your boy congo and gus in the mix here. real pumped on the shoutout from gus. good to hear their perspectives on the event.

the hisTTory channel /// lindsey bode

andy sparks sent this to me on fb /// i completely forgot about this part until clicking it. his riding is one of a kind. this style didnt really catch on, but back in the early fgfs days there was definitely a place for it. we've come a long way since bootleg4. sick to look back, progression is so real when you look at it in this context. i wonder if this guy still rides?


tj brought this one back last night and i dont remember ever posting it. even if you already seen it, this is worth a rewatch. lift your seat up and fuck with everything remotely ridable.

skate shiTT

pretty raw quick edit /// sick one liner. 

n00bs /// black and white fixed

n00bs to the fixie game /// got a base layer of tricks on deck.


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 photo tumblr_mm3jpkWnJ21rhd1xfo1_400_zps638d8e70.gif
 photo tumblr_mm3jpkWnJ21rhd1xfo1_400_zps638d8e70.gif

FOAD friday /// skate shiTT

I meant to post this before ride&style to get people hyped on some SF hill bombs / fuck your ficksie Omar Salazar does it better