redbull edits /// video dump

lots of good shit went down in the park /// even though some of the features werent the most ridable, these fuckers handled shit. now for the usual flood of event videos that follows. i dropped the first one in top position cuz that was the first edit to drop, and i got respect for that... takes some energy to film the shit and get it edited and up on the internet the same night. ronnie garcia held it down.

maybe there will be more to come /// im most psyched to see more of the street riding that went down with everyone in the same city, there must have been some killer energy at street spots.

tony k /// 3 clips in sf

tony hasnt lost his swagger at all. looks like he got up to sf for ridenstyle and handled a few clips at some of the landmark spots.


caught this one by way of SOWET69 on instagram /// sick to see his shit getting out, if you look close theres SOWET and LIVERDIET pieces in this video. im always psyched to see people/brands coming up.


caught this one on THECOMEUP /// killer creative riding, unconventional spot clips in here. way sick//mellow vibes straight through.

skate shiTT /// mini shred

im not usually a fan of these "penny boards" and shit like that, but this edit is too sick. this is legit mini shred.

oscar lopez /// cinco de mayo quickie

yung gun coming in with some solid clips here. psyched to see whats next from him.

n00bs /// 4 flicks

quick clip style /// first rail attempt?

925 tribe coming in with two flicks back to back.

nicholas acuavera with a first offering.