saytaro devour /// redbull goldsprint qualifier

theres some flatground tricks from slumworm in the mix here... and he gets down on some gold sprints and fucking kills the competition. sick to see that kind of participation from the fgfs world. matt reyes kills it.

monday sucks /// eat shitTT

im not posting this to make fun or make a joke out of bikes getting hit by motorcycles... so ill save my typical "fuck you's"" for next monday.... but dylan posted this shit up on fb and its just one of those things i had to pass on.

skate shiTT

another post with multiple videos /// seems to be the theme today haha. these two are clean/well put together edits. i was entertained by both. they bring in some alternate aspects of skateboarding... outside the typical edit type vibes.


i dont remember if i posted this one or not, but it goes back a few months. too sick not to have in the mix haha. the next two look like photo sequences chopped into animated clips////something for those of you who love some serious tech shit.


them fixieboyz keep it coming /// first one is some flatground shit, getting some tricks dialed. the second one is on some eat shiTT vibes, ankle twister shit. fuck man heal up.

925 tribe

some b-roll from the 925 tribe /// a couple pretty brutal slams in there for your monday sucks//eat shiTT vibes.