rooTTs /// david grant

earlier today royal tagged me in a photo of david wearing the classic manson shirt /// i get so psyched when i see that shit... even more so when its one of my favorite riders to watch. today we pay homage to one of my favorite styles in bmx /// david grant fucking kills it.

quick clip /// shane hunt

just checking in with a quick 180 /// shane is alive and riding. real psyched to see some new shit from him, glad ur still doing your thing man.

post jacker /// dah streets

here's two flicks i stole from DAHSTREETS (read that shit) /// the first one is some longboard slams that had me talking to my screen, some real fucked up shit in here. im not a fan of longboards either, but the slams are worth a watch.

next up is some bmx from steven hamilton /// way too sick, i dont know how i missed this one. he's one of the most entertaining riders in the game. always psyched on his shit.

the hisTTory channel /// chris clappe

this guy has been flying under the radar forever. about time we pay some fucking respects. he's been killing it since the tarck days, and this edit stands out in my mind since it first dropped. he still kills it to this day.

skate shiTT

the "skate world" keeps the grass roots shit coming. this looks pretty good.

n00bs /// joshua frazier

front yard chill out session. gotta get that practice on///sometimes it helps to watch yourself do tricks, get em more dialed after seeing yourself do it.

big wheel bmx

some legit big bike shit. nothing new, but pretty solid.

fixie skate shiTT

chicago fixed showing some skate skills. always psyche to see some "variety" coming from our "community".