elliott and matt got soooo many good clips in here... too rare we see clips from tone these days, and pissy's couch slam had me laughing. always worth multiple watches, ive put at least 4 views on the counter for this one so far. kvlt klips is legendary, dont get stupid and miss that good shit///watch this fucker now. WOLF DRAWN DOT COM DONT FUCK AROUND.

gabe winawer /// get ready... 2013

gabe knows whats good with some entertainment value. always digging what he drops, always a fucking character. that beach cruiser slam is epic.

century city quickie

david laurenti stays after it /// keeping on that filming grind and progressing every time we see something new.


youre selling yourself short if you watch this without he audio LOL /// psyched on the TTv shout out in there hahahaha. too sick. sometimes fuck around shit can be more entertaining than the real deal, stanis knows whats good with that hahahaha.

winter shred

one last look at some winter shred /// lots of rider variety, different styles, all park, but good shit throughout, and one of my favorite brands in the game DWD // check em out.

skate shiTT

hard to believe black label has been holding it down for 25 years... thats longer than some of you yung ones been alive. they've kept it legit since day one.


feeling that ditch spot chill out session. good spot for it for sure, and good riding///you already know. took from THECOMEUP

saytaro devour /// pizza shit

heres one i missed from a week ago. some riding from matt reyes at the island. matt can ride just about anything and make it look good. always fucking sick.

birney camera test

some solid riding in here. that one flatground line goes for daaaays.

n00bs /// young catz clothing

YC CLOTHING is a new brand out of montclair ca /// n00b to the t-shirt game, we'll see whats to come from em.


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