michael guntetong /// march april 2013

so much good shit in here, i dont even know where to start /// so i wont start. just fucking watch this. the roster is deeep for this one. so many good riders in the mix, good spots, original shit. this is probably the best group edit michael has dropped so far. dont miss it.

humon moeen /// april 2013

humon is one of my favorite yungsters to watch. he's got a real creative approach to riding. theres some super sick shit in here. nollie bump jumps dialed, 1:02 is so fucking sick, lots of unusual spots, good shit all around.

jakob santos /// spike parts

seems like its been a while since we seen something form jakob /// judging from this edit, it looks like he broke his foot again. dude seems to have some kind of shit luck when it comes to getting hurt. heal the fuck up man. theres some good shit in here, really feeling the tunes and the nature spots througout.

phillip williams /// jibs action sports

phillip got after some more interesting spots for this one. his riding is always developing, and this one shows some "spot aptitude". im always psyched to see some more creative spots/creative riding, and phillip captures that here.

big wheel bmx

park/street/fuckaround. big bike shit is always good for a watch, lama cycles tends to bring some of the better riding to the mix.


you already know//// if theres some new bone deth shit imma post it hahaha. always good.

quick clip /// him_chan

him chan is on a mission these days. after coming to visit ff, his riding is progressing quicker than ever. looking good.

hiro nakajima /// ground 042

some good lines through the park. short and sweet.

rsk and suzkid

clean filming and editing /// no shortage of good shit to ride where theyre at.

quick clips/// luis alfaro

smoothe lines for sure /// luis got a style that keeps developing. looking good these days.

johnithan carolino /// teaser 2

johnithan is looking real comfortable these days /// got an edit in the works he keeps dropping teasers for... psyched to see what he puts together.

hikaru one minute crush

slam reel from enishy

n00bs /// 4 flicks

potential for sure

surf tunes // digging the mellow vibes

always psyched to see some brand n00bs getting at it.

practice makes perfect


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i was dead for a week, but im back now.