one minute edits?

im lumping these all in one post, cuz theres a fuckload of em... and i dont even know what this contest is. somehow i totally missed that one. theres some decent submissions in the mix, and it looks like the contest was a success given the volume of edits submitted.

david laurenti /// roadkill southbay

some pretty good spots throughout // good riding, good bike control. young guns getting it in.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

derek salvador just upped this one of "mel" /// looks to me like he got some real good potential. psyched to see his riding develop and maybe a stacked edit.

you gotta love the title of this one "super n00b" hahaha. sick. this guy is fucking tall, makes that bike look like a kids bike.

n00bs world wide. sick to see more people picking up fgfs.

will cowal /// munday

some creative filming here, interesting spots, is this self filmed? you gotta love that kind of dedication tho.

claremont sesh

burr parakeet stays with the filming and editing... park looks decent. some bmx and fixed in the mix here.

munem uddin /// bike check

shaky bike check... haha. maybe its on purpose tho. i always love a murdered out whip.

donjai#4 all trick

this ones a fixie comp from the other side of the world // its long as fuck, but some people are into that kind of shit...

tyler hansen /// bails

solid bail reel from tyler hansen. caught this one on fb.