SHRED always puts together good edits. even their b-sides is killer. so sick when the music comes in at the end too. entertainment straight through, these guys know how to chop up the footage. theres some solid slams in here haha.

skate shiTT

sick variety in this one. east coast skate shit is always sick. sooo many good spots.

big wheel bmx

 some sick big bike park cruising right here. real good style.

winter shred

winter is pretty much over but this one was too sick not to post up... cruising down the sidewalk on a snowboard isnt some shit you see everyday. if that doesnt make snowboarding look fun, i dont know wtf will.

shonen /// one minute line

i was really hoping this would literally be one line, one minute long. either way, good vibes/good style in here.

froots /// tukasa short edit

quick one from FROOTS


new riders coming out of the woodwork worldwide.