steven jensen /// spike parts edit

you already fucking know /// just watch this shit. fucking killer to see jensen put some variety in the mix as far as spots go. some clips in here go outside what you'd expect... and he delivers with ease. that line // truck the hip/180 into the pyramid was sooooo sick // 2:00 wtf, and the ender will fuck your head up haahaha. as usual theres also tech beyond what the rest of the world can touch // always fucking killing it.


this is titled "longest icepick ever"/// i thought i was tuning in for a quick clip of a long ice haha. caught me off guard, but i fucking loved it. more for entertainment value than serious hammers, but this ones worth the watch.

the hisTTory channel /// WRAHW welcomes nasty

this is one of my favorite WRAHW videos from the past. such a good edit now// even more so when it dropped, nasty's riding is "authentic" and this edit really captures that. seems like he disappeared these days... still sick to look back. he was one of my favorites to watch back here. WRAHW always kills it on the edits. epic piece of fixie history right here.

MoN /// BBB4

this is ramons b-roll series. always some gems in the mix. they got so much good shit to ride up there, and a solid/creative group to ride with.

big wheel bmx

THE RISE keeps em coming /// holding it down. these edits are always sick.

skat shiTT

this ones a trailer for an upcoming full length... but i dig the fast paced editing // black and white style.

n00bs /// two flicks

always psyched to see 700's are still alive

mostly bmx but some fixed in the mix


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 photo tumblr_lrmfw1jNwL1qbfnnfo1_500.gif
 photo tumblr_lrmfw1jNwL1qbfnnfo1_500.gif