tyler johnson /// bacon hill skatepark

is there anything tj cant do? fucking doubt it. he's one of those magic motherfuckers that can pick up just about anything and kill it. bmx and skate in here, but i bet if you gave this guy a unicycle he would still blow minds. this is so sick... just another reason why im a huge fan of this guy. must see TTv. always killing it.

bike check /// MoN's unicorn killer

ramon sent this through almost a month ago now... i fucked up and missed it completely. im a big fan of DESTROY, and mon always tends to build his shit up clean. also, i gotta get more bike checks in the mix... so if you got a clean whip, send pics and specs to THIETH.GIVER@GMAIL.COM //// this bike is fucking sick for sure/// here's the rundown;

 Frame: 2013 Destroy Unicorn Killer
Fork: Unknown Bike Co. v2
Bars: Resist prototype
Stem: Demolition v3 Stealth
Headset: Unknown Bike Co.
Wheels: Unknown Bike Co. 9t Jaws and Nailhead hubs laced with Dt Swiss spokes to Unknown Bike Co. Agent Rims
Tires: Maxxis DTH and Kenda Kozmik Lite II
Cranks: Demolition 175mm Revolts
Sprocket: WeThePeople Bike Co. 25t
Pedals: Odyssey Twisteds
Straps: STILL POUR Prototypes
Chain: SALT half link
Seat post: Resist Pivotal
Seat: Resist Icon
Grips: ODI Longneck XL
Total Weight: 25lbs 1oz

MoN /// put that on your camera

some good old fashioned security guard fun hahaha.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

dylan fishnchips posted this one on my fb wall/// i had to get it in the mix hahaha. i dont even know how the fuck you fall like that. monday fucking sucks, eat shit.

royal hc korea: a tribute to kwanghyun kim

always good riding, filming, editing from ROYAL. that first clip from hector is so sick. jball keeps getting better everytime something drops. mellow vibes throughout, and they got some firework action for the ender. wtf else do you want in an edit haha.

lockedcog /// #spotlurkin

real sick single spot edit /// LOCKEDCOG always brings his signature style to the mix. i hope this "#spotlurkin" shit turns into another series... killer spot too, kris calls it "the pit" hahaha. looks like a fun one for some mellow after work shred.


sick fucking edit.

michael guntetong /// iphone edit

lots of variety in this one// killer spots, sparks, stair rides, creative use of spots, some of my favorite young guns in the mix here too. this one doesnt disappoint, kinda long, but stacked sooo deep with good shit.

bike check /// destroy 29er

sick to see that 29ers are still alive. this build is fucking killer... legit colorway and part selections /// and that hop at the end is sooo sick. DESTROY frames always build up sick.

big wheel bmx

quality big bike shit doesnt show up everyday /// always psyched to see some good riding from the big bike crowd. back in the day it didnt seem like fixies would ever catch up... but these days the line between em gets blurry.

bob woods /// nakamura short edit

i dig short edits /// all killer no filler should be the concept. bob woods has been holding it down for a while now/knows how to put together a good edit. keep an eye on HIS BLOG /// he always catches shit that i miss.

fixie boyz /// spring break

pretty solid offering from the fixie boyz /// clisp stacked deep. some real good riding in here throughout. they keep getting better, and this one flows real nice. good entertainment.

skate shiTT /// twofer

two for monday /// i came across these two "art installation" style skate flicks. pretty sick setups, sick shots in the mix. always dig seeing some creative elements in the mix.

n00bs/// three flicks

jay porch has potential. i really dig his styleh and it seems like bike handing is coming pretty natural to him. psyched to see what the future holds.

some killer spots in the mix here.

quick clips are the shit.


 photo tumblr_mkwhp3wwvB1qjouuqo2_500_zps6d0f4ee0.gif
 photo tumblr_mkwhp3wwvB1qjouuqo2_500_zps6d0f4ee0.gif
 photo tumblr_mkwhp3wwvB1qjouuqo2_500_zps6d0f4ee0.gif