robert rice & joshua nieves split edit

robert seems like he's been on a fucking mission lately. he keeps getting better and better. real psyched on his riding lately. joshua got some skills too. solid split edit from both of them, but id say its about time for robert to start stacking for a heavy solo edit? any way you chop it tho, im fucking psyched to see footage.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this monday its a twofer /// first one is a close call, second one is a worst case scenario. ive already posted it once, but i couldnt resist a re-run after watching it again. if you never seen the second one dont even think twice, watch that shit right now. monday fucking sucks, eat shit.

phillip williams /// jibs action sports

i guess JIBS is a canadian online store. how phillip keeps getting lined up with these sponsors is beyond me, but whatever keeps him riding is good shit i guess. been a little bit since his last edit, but im always looking forward to more.

skate shiTT

formerly of fixie fame /// matt montoya has skate skills beyond what i would have imagined. this fucker can jump on anything and fuck shit up. so psyched we still get to see footage from him, even if its not fgfs, its sick to see him still killing it. i hope these skate edits keep coming.


im a huge fan of BANNED /// always will be, so i digaf if this is an advertisement. backyard ramps, roof drops, raw footage, this is exactly whats good.

good-bye daehan

quick edit from him_chan /// sick to see him putting more shit out these days. he's probably a celebrity back home now hahaha.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

johnithan carolino just dropped this teaser for an upcoming edit. not completely new to the game, but an up and comer that has some brutal bike handling.

front yard training grounds... thats how it all starts

skate bmx big bike fixies /// froots got it all in here.


 photo tumblr_m80lfhYV2t1qij1mgo2_500_zps4c1045e9.gif
 photo tumblr_m80lfhYV2t1qij1mgo2_500_zps4c1045e9.gif
 photo tumblr_m80lfhYV2t1qij1mgo2_500_zps4c1045e9.gif