this shit got shut down by the cops pretty quick /// but leave it to WOLFDRAWN to still make the most of his footage. killer edit considering there wasnt much to work with... looks like it was still kind of a good time? ff stoop is a good spot too tho haha. shout to everyone that showed up and packed the spot.

nucult /// jörmungand" feat romain tromss

been waaaaay too long since we seen some shit from NUCULT // psyched to see they're still riding and filming. sounds like weather gets in the way where theyre at... so hopefully we see more as it gets warmer.

the hisTTory channel

this one goes waaaaaaaay back... and sam doesnt ride anymore as far as i know. when this shit dropped it was mind blowing for me. this was a real progressive phase in "fgfs" when everything was new. sam had a real natural style // after those two hisTTory posts yesterday, i wanted to get some real tarck shit in the mix.

rooTTs // twofer

the first one is a quick clip from the infamous steven hamilton. always sick if you dont already know. the second is some "stimulating advertising" (lol) haha. trust me, you'll love it.


sights and sounds

skate shiTT /// twofer

sick edit /// lots of street transition in here. too many good spots throughout. /// the second one is for everyone who is already on that weekend, fuck school, fuck work, watch some "outdated" skate shit. sick flashback to 2001 with a zoo york full length.

the hisTTory channel

some funny shit that goes back 3 years according to vimeo. respect cogwei for the fucking triple OG he is haha. this is sick.

winter shred

some b-side type shit. pretty good spots in here. that snow is almost gone down here...


 photo tumblr_mkak8puLjm1qbdgk6o1_500_zps3944467b.gif
 photo tumblr_mkak8puLjm1qbdgk6o1_500_zps3944467b.gif
 photo tumblr_mkak8puLjm1qbdgk6o1_500_zps3944467b.gif