monday sucks /// eat shiTT

i fucking hate coming in to work on mondays. eat shit.

christian hamrick /// two parter

hamrick goes ham in this first one. that ender is nuts. he's fucking going for it these days. always psyched to see new shit from him and its been WAAAAAAAY too fucking long since he dropped something.... theres two of em today. what a fucking treat haha. the second one is for RATPACK /// if you havent checked out that blog, you fuckin up. click through.

MoN // dream my own

creative flavor right out of the gate on this one. MoN's style is always developing. i dig the direction hes going these days. some real good shit in here.

skate shiTT

raw styles, sarcastic tone, unconventional skateboarding, good vibes. BUSTCREWSUNDAYS is sick.

big wheel bmx

Matt Macduff - Off The Hook #1 on Pinkbike
ive been posting too much shit from THERISE lately... but theyre keeping it coming. always good shit, i love barcelona footage... so many good spots.


diy looking indoor park // movie clips // raw riding... pretty good shit. its not all about hammers.

early 13 throwaway

some throwaway shit from diego /// good old fashioned fails and bails.

irvine edit

yung guns from irvine holding it down. seems like there should be more going on in "oc" these days... that little drop curved ledge spot is sick.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

serious potential.

feeling that super long slider ender... you dont see that shit often these days.

that green frame conversion setup got me psyched. work with what you got... ride everything.

quick clip // omar oreilly

this would have been sick if he pulled it.