BE THERE TODAY /// 7TH AND LONG BEACH BLVD 4:30PM /// i dropped off a solid pile of loot, all my shirts, hats, whatever they decide to sell will be $10. buy some/win some, dont be stupid, if you live close enough, show up, bring chicks, bring friends that dont even ride... make it rage, its fucking friday night.

packy golan /// east of nowhere

where the fuck has packy been? apparently riding, filming, and stepping his shit up huge. this is some seriously refined riding from packy. so much good shit in here, so much "skillful" riding, excellent spot selection. mind blown a few times in here... if packy is at the rail jam today watch your fucking back. haha, real psyched to see him come up since the beginning, im a big fan of this fucker.

skate shiTT /// two parter

heres one i missed from a while back /// im always into these themed setups and shit. pretty sick if you never watched it, definitely wont let you down.

had to follow up with something a little more raw... psycho idiot edits are sick.

fixie shiTT

taking it back to the a time before the tarck days with this one.


this ones all about the show...

quick clip style visual experience.

rooTTs /// the gayest person you know

funny title, funny riding. i know the spot selection isnt the best, and the overall quality of the edit isnt "pro" /// but theres a lot of creative shit in here.

n00bs /// jordan ramos

solid slam right out the gate. jordan is fearless. got potential to shred for sure.