this ones been a long time coming, but its worth the wait. new shit from kareem, tom, torey, and miles. wtf else is there to say. im sure theres fucking fire straight through. check the trailer then click through and buy a copy for instant viewing. kareem always puts some good shit together behind the scenes///always clean production, always good music selection... and with the line up in this one, its guaranteed entertainment. CLICK HERE NOW AND BUY YOURS /// fuck monday, blow off school/work/whatever and watch this shit.


we havent had a dedicated fgfs forum since trick track died... FGFS FORUM /// AKA FIXEDGEARFREESTYLE.ORG  is now live///im on there, i already started a topic, find that shit. if nothing else, just click through and check it out. this can be content driven by you the reader, instead of some big headed blogger like myself, also a good place to talk about parts/spots/edits/discuss fgfs... click through, get in there, make it your space.

skate shiTT

this is a super sick skate edit. must see TTv for sure. lots of spot variety, creative lines, high speed downhill... all kinds of good shit. got me pumped.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

if i hear someone say "happy monday", theyre getting a pen in theyre fucking eyehole. monday fucking sucks, even worse when it follows one of those day drinking "holidays". monday sucks//eat shit.

big wheel bmx

more from THERISE /// these guys always do it right. part two of their ohio trip with some indoor park footage at rays// looks like a super fun spot to ride.


sights and sounds

n00bs /// jr gaona

this ones a teaser for jr gaona stackin footage.


unfortunately due to my situation, im unable to watch this whole edit... looks like mostly fixie shit with some fgfs in the mix here and there.