this one is so full of hammers it had me talking to my screen. ruff, tj, and clappe kill it every time. theres some seriously sick shit in here. tj's footplant had me standing up out of my seat haha. theres too much good shit to be said about this one, so just watch it. CSK4LYF TIL I DIE.
in other news/// there's a rail jam/yard sale going down at FF on friday march 22 brought to you by CSK. i cant tell you if ill be there or not, but i will be dropping off all of my leftover items/stickers etc for the yard sale, so make sure you dont miss this shit. 

tony k /// all black everything

real psyche to see tony still wears that TTxUNKNOWN shirt. tony has been holding it down for a loooooong time... the shirt tells it. real good clips throughout, some shit i didnt even know tony had in him. ill always be a tony k fan.

3:30 /// kris fay

been too long since we seen some riding from kris. always psyched on it. he's one of those OG's in the fgfs game... and the only person still pushin no frs? he always puts his signature style on shit, you gotta love that. LOCKEDCOG always killing it, the 3:30 series goes on

skate shiTT

i wasnt even planning on posting skate shit today, but this is way too good to pass up. sick edit style, flowing lines, killer skateboarding throughout. got that mellow cruise vibe. dont miss this shit, the way its put together is pure entertainment.

sol smith x zontrac

im always psyched on sols riding, his shit is raw/// he doesnt seem to give a fuck about the "direction" that fgfs is going, always does his own thing. always sick to watch. he gets fucking brutal every time he get in front of a camera. hard to believe this fucker can even walk anymore haha.

k-t-r /// my name is tatsuta

funny music in this one /// some good riding too. nice and short... i always dig that shit.


i think ive underestimated valentin /// he can really throw some shit down. this edit has some pretty solid hammers throughout. i lumped all three of these edits together, just to put em all in one place. this squad is holding it down.

pretty sick, but wtf is the farewell about? keep em coming.

this ones a teaser, i guess james is putting in work for a new edit. stay posted.

nick ramirez /// arizona november 2011

the title says 2011, so i guess this is some throwback or lost footage type shit? either way, its sick to see some riding from nick. he hides in the shadows these days working on his project /// check em out at GUTTER BUTTER. support that grass roots shit.

john hughes of dbs

mellow quick one from john hughes /// wheelies are the best trick ever imo haha. super psyched to see him wearing that THIETH hoodie. so sick.

winter shred

some winter shred shit with good styles and dark vibes...

n00bs /// 3 flicks

lost edit flashback type shit. digging the black and white style and the music to go with it.

tarck vibes are strong with this one.

something new from hellhound.