skate shiTT

dont fucking miss this one. i have no idea how this shit is even possible lol, its without a doubt some must see TTv shit. gabe winawer posted this up on my fb wall and i couldnt resist, dont even hesitate to click play... this is some fantasy shit hahaha. perfect for a friday.

robert rice /// nothing special

robert says this is nothing special, but i think its special haha. he's been hammering out edits lately, and it looks like his riding is progressing a shitload. smoothe effortless bike control, some killer combinations, robert is coming up quick these days. psyched on his riding, psyched to see him wearing THIETH shirts throughout this edit. always killing shit.


get your eyeTTunes on///quick clip style.

quick clip /// sewerboyz

this one kind of stretches the quick clip title, but these guys keep getting better. psyched to see an edit from this squad in the future.

n00bs /// manny perez

manny shows em he not afraid to fall. looks like hes starting to get some shit dialed.

michael guntetong /// b-sides

heres another long one, all b-side type shit from michael guntetong. fails, bails, throwaways, all kinds of shit in here.

kansai street 2013

this ones kinda long, but its friday // fuck work, fuck school, watch web edits. they got bmx, fixies, big bikes, even some trials shit in the mix.

iMiNUSD /// episode 2

heres the latest from IMINUSD /// caught this on their blog, looks like some cell phone clips and shit. superstar riding throughout like you already know.