laurent pili x zontrac

laurent obviously put some work in for this one. probably some of the best riding we've ever seen from him. always psyched on these shred fuckers, they seem to put together good edits every time.

MoN /// a few w/ matt reyes

MoN put this one together of matt fucking around at the island///steven jensen guest appearance. always fucking sick. peep game. mostly fuck around, but you already know reyes fuck around is worth a look.


this was too good to pass up /// straight flash back to the good old days, shitty filming, antics, the tunes even bring it back.

fxiewarrirors /// throwaway

some pretty good throwaway from them fixiewarriors. they bringing some pretty good shit to the table lately. time for a stacked edit, i know they got it in em.

fixie shiTT?

not too certain exactly whats going on here... but theres some fgfs in the mix so i thought id post it up. heres what they had to say;

A group of bicycle aficionados from Hamburg St. Pauli made their way to break-in the city of Los Angeles. During 12 days the group scattered the city in all cardinal directions. They cruised through the barrios of East LA, blazed to the beaches of Venice and ascended the Hollywood Hills. They worked as volunteers at the Midnight Mission on skid row to bring attention to the 15,000 homeless people, who are the result of gentrification in LA.
They discovered a velodrome in the valley and self-tested their consciousness at the LA Gun Club. During the trip they met with a great variety of local riders. Although the bike scene in the capital of cars is relatively small, their skills are top notch. In the end the group attempted to reconquer the ecological desert of Los Angeles in order to survive evolutionary pressures, such as distances and traffic.
Supported by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein, Fritz Kola, Continental, St. Pauli,, Onitsuka Tiger, Suicycle and State Bicycle


fixie shit worldwide. sick to see new names coming in from all over the world. fgfs stays growing, getting bigger and better everyday.


psyched to see DESTROY continuing to grow. grass roots rider driven brand staying in the game and coming up.

skate shiTT

i have no idea how this ended up in my stream but theres some funny clips mixed in for entertainment value.