jonathan davis /// 2012 b-roll

this is some fucking sick b-roll shit. even the music is perfect. jd is fucking relentless/// roof drops with a fucking wrist brace, brutal slams, big shit throughout. you already know what he's capable of, but this fucker is full of surprises. i think theres somethign wrong with his head///maybe he has that sadistic thing going on or something ahahahaha. dont miss anything he does, ever, or you are stupid.

the hisTTory channel /// ed wonka

wonka has been instagramming some super og flashback pics and this edit from about the same era came to mind. couldnt resist posting it up. if you followed fgfs at the time, this shit fucked your head up. wonka came out of nowhere on some insane shit... plain killing it straight out the gate. i dont think anyone will argue with the fact that he came in and pushed riding to new levels. respect a fucking boss, wonka has been killing it since before a lot of you even know what a fixie was.

skate shiTT

quick clip // one line, sick spot

chase larue with a quick park edit

ernesto molina sponsor me edit

daniel le

daniel stacked clips for this one for a long time and it shows. thats a recipe for a good edit, take your time with it. theres some good shit in here, sings of progress for sure. psyched to see daniel staying after it.