not sure when/if this is ever gonna be released, but whatever. the east bay scene is popping off hard right now. that jeans fill in was done amidst a 5 way intersection, and rumor has it, it was done around 8 in the evening. fuck yeah baby hella
yo mom, turn it up

mad people don't like hoax but whatever. "it's too slow," "they're homophobic," "jesse is a poser." they released a new 7" upon embarking on their europen tour, both sides are posted above. shut up
i mean, fuck. i feel so corny describing shit as "raw" but this is seriously it. i've never said "fuck you" so many times during a web edit and i hope you're doing the same. i'm still debating if that ender was real or not. give this a watch or 40
mondo trippy visuals grandpa how you do that

been a while since I've posted, been dealing with school and my bed. peep this though, pay close attention to that first line and where his head is. also understand how to slosh down a hill like a don.