skate shiTT

always psyched to see some local skateboarding. 2:23 is sick as fuck. peep game.

the hisTTory channel /// mts

its rare that i come across an edit i dont remember, and/or havent seen/commented on. its easy to forget that people like mts have been doing this since the beginning... but whats real noteworthy is mikes approach, how he puts his whole self into the shit despite some brutal slams. he's currently off the bike as a result, but his die trying mentality should inspire some young guns to fuck shit up. this is a sick piece of fgfs history right here.


this one kept showing up in my stream so i gave it a watch /// some good shit throughout, creative grind combos, spots, good lines. being from a skateboarding background, i really dont understand wtf ipath is doing in bmx... but w/e. check it.

n00bs ///

so many new names in fgfs these days...

theres a couple fly out the park fails that are funny in here.

one liner

froots crew start of roots

froots keeps em coming. this ones kind of long///be ready to sit back and watch a movie.