ping pong has become a big part of every day life for us at the fixie factory. I tend to get sick of things really fast. I have become so sick and tired of ping pong that sometimes i absolutely can not even be in the room when the ping pong table is out. this is the type of stuff i listen to when the table is out i am hiding in my room. @krisluvspitbuls



quick clip /// get a ghost

this is a sick angle on lino's ender from his edit last week. not to mention a sick ghost commercial, and a sick fucking quick clip. peep game, get a GHOST

fixie shiTT /// fakie chillin

this is just plain classic fixie material right here. gotta love that kind of shit.

simon gomok /// shute bar double pegs

this is sick /// epic slam for sure, i missed the monday slam post so this one definitely fills the void. such a sick looking trick too// cant wait til he gets these dialed.

skate shiTT

when palace speaks, you listen. haha. never miss a palace edit, these are pure web edit gold.


the latest from LOCKEDCOG's 3:30 series features jball. these edits have been pretty sick, and jball continues the saga with a solid offering. some real good clips on that riverbed ditch spot. always killing it.


its not always about hammers and shit /// sometimes a well put together edit with some style, some good spots, and some "depth" added to the entertainment can be more worth watching than some half assed bullshit. 



quick clip /// big wheel bmx

kns.lo is filming... always psyched to see whats coming from this squad.

black sunday // one day in nakhon

quick one day edit from black sunday /// been a while since we seen anything from these guys.

n00bs ///

dude with the blue fork got lots of clips in here and serious potential.

quick clip style, young guns getting after these flyout trucks.

some bails///this is a teaser for an upcoming edit?


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its important to have positive role models.