omg two bmx posts in one day. i thought this was a fixie blog bro /// for real tho, get your head right, caught this one by way of SHRED's likes on vimeo. way too sick, same vibe as that skate shit i posted earlier, so many sick spots and creative setups... watch this shit, let it sink in, lets get some more variety in the fixie mix.

FOAD friday / / / mark gonzales

the gonz is a legend / / / JACKOFFF

FOAD friday / / / eat shiTT

Probably better saved for a monday but I couldn't resist / / / JACKOFFF


i couldnt resist posting this shit up // caught it on PROLLY. wtf could be better than something like this to break in the new comments feature hahahaha. i havent heard the audio yet.... but its gotta be good right?

quick clip /// still pour

do they have moss in california? no just a shitload fungus in long beach harbor /// haha. i love the caption on this clip "THIETH loves a quick clip" hahaha. too sick. this spot is nuts, was someone spotting the landing, cuz rolling into that street blind is fucked in the head. still pour stays killing shit.

ricardo lino vs the streets of lisbon

that ender is biiig/// but that pool spot is sick as fuck. lino always throws down and stays stacking clips.

skate shiTT

sick fucking skate shit stolen from sean coats like list again. he's always on top of the good skate edits. that skitch segment in the intro is some "fine" entertainment, and i seen that spot that torey lurked out a long time ago in here at 1:06.

n00bs /// two flicks

this ones real solid for some n00b shit. smoothe casual style, keeps his speed up, clean filming and editing, what looks to be stacked footage/time spent putting this shit together. its rare to see a new name come in with a solid offering like this, always psyched on that.

eli simmonds isnt a brand new name to the game, but he hasnt been dropping edits for too long. sick to see him staying at it and progressing. flyout game on lock, now take that shit to some street spots mayne.


if you didnt already catch this shit on THECOMEUP /// peep game haha. those bars are so fucking sick, i want a set.




you know how i do