the voice of the people has been heard loud and clear. this morning in a "fixie council meeting" (LOL), the topic of comments on TTv came up... and from now on (given that this shit works when i turn it on) /// comments will be enabled on TTv. that being said, let me make it clear to you; i will not be moderating these comments, i dont give a fuck if your feelings get hurt, ive done everything in my power in the past to keep things positive here... so if you have any complaints about comments on your video, its your job to take that shit up with the person who wrote them. if you feel its "unsavory" / "uncalled for" / or wrong in any way, im not here to save the day, so dont even fucking ask. xoxo. TT

(your comments are welcome on this informative piece)
(this is a test post for comments.)

quick clip /// him-boa

looking good man /// psyched to see more clips from yung himboa.

n00bs /// two flicks

every now and then a new name comes to the mix with some killer potential /// check the back wheelies at 1:43. pedal checks are minimal, he's got a fluid/casual style. psyched to see his riding develop.

front yard training grounds // thats whats good. got some solid tricks in the bag, now take that shit to some spots.

francis roque

that first barspin was way clean // digging the slide out style at 0:24 // francis stays after it even tho i think he feels like ignore his videos and gets pissed if i put him in the n00b section haha. keep em coming man.