shred /// david pili schizoid

SHRED always bring some sick entertainment to the table. this ones got some trippy mane visuals // they do a good job of stacking footage and putting together some solid web entertainment. always psyched on these guys.


this ones sick // skate mixed with fixed.... but the real gems are the two enders. that wheel taco is so insane. devon you a fucking boss, just hops off his bike all casual. zane always puts together real good shit /// this one wont disappoint.


i wish there was more riding from sol in here, but its still sick. some fgfs and bmx flatland... mellow cruise around town type shit.

skate shiTT

kinda long, but fuck it... fuck school, fuck work, watch some skate shit. lots of creative riding and killer spots.


brand new shit from ssion // prob one of my favorite tracks from the album.

fixie comp /// tangerang

always psyched to see a good turnout at theses fgfs comps. shit still going strong worldwide.

n00bs /// jay porch

real juiced to see this kids style develop