johnny coward & josh boothby

johnny coward has been going hard and progressing fast in the past few months. his skatepark skills show real nice// flows real nice // he's definitely finding his own style and looking real fucking good these days. boothby always kills it, you already know his footage is fire. psyched on both these guys, psyched to see them riding together.

mOn /// twofer

BBB is mon's b-side shit. always sick, always stacked. this guy gets out to film more than most, and stacks up some real good shit. sick spot variety///always entertaining.

the second one is some "boys day out" valentines #nohomo LOL. that bump jump at 1:29 is so fucking sick, who gives a fuck if he hung up haha.


yung jake is worth checking out... if this one doesnt do it for you, check the EMBEDDED video by clicking the link. its pointless to post up here, cuz its wild video experience like ive never seen before... let all the pop ups and shit load (dont close any windows, dont worry its not a virus). shits pretty sick.

skate shiTT

some mellow spots, good flow throughout, creative skateboarding for the most part. commune keeps me guessing, but they seem to deliver on the skate shit.

quick clip /// sewer boyz wla

THIETH loves a quick clip. this ones pretty solid.

n00bs /// alex valenzuela

young guns keep coming /// alex is only 14 but definitely has a sense for whats good. as his execution becomes refined i can see some serious potential.

winter shred

always a fan of some unconventional riding ///

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

have i already posted this one?